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Zoledronic Acid


Re: Zoledronic Acid

Hi bogi - I am really sorry to read that about your Mum. I’m afraid I can’t help with your question but I wanted to stop by to give you and your Mum a big hug. She is lucky to have your support and I hope this forum can help support you both too - we are here if you need to chat anytime.

Have you been on the secondary breast cancer board too to ask this question or see if anything similar has been asked in the past?

My very best wishes, Evie xx

Community Manager

Re: Zoledronic Acid

Hi bogi,

Thank you for your post.

I am sorry to see that you haven't had any response yet. I am hoping my response will help our members to see your post and share their experience and tips.

In the meantime, please do not forget that for any clinical question our breast care nurses are here and happy to help.

Sending you our warmest wishes,



Zoledronic Acid

Hello All, 

I am writing to ask for some help/ advice for my mum . She is 62 and has HER2 poSItive breast cancer, she  had double mastectomy 4 years ago . 
She was doing well the last few years,  up until this September when we found out that her breast cancer   has metastasised to her pelvic, 6 tumours in total . 
She remained positive , doctors suggested to start having the zolendronic acid . First treatment was horrid as some of you might have experienced.Second  treatment  was 10 days ago and she seemed to go through it a bit better.

Up until a day after her treatment when she started to have double/blurry vision/headache,that kept  worsening every day . She can’t read / watch tv / leave the house. Even eating meals are challenging. It is saw bad she even fell over and hurt herself badly. We went to see a neurologist who sent her for and MRI , we also went to see eye specialist and the doctors can’t find anything. The eye doctor suggested that it might be a tumour that only just starting off in the brain , that’s why they can’t see it .

However After reading about the zoledronic acid’s side effects I saw that it could cause blurred vision and it is such a coincidence it started just the day after her treatment. 
My question is, has any of you had any similar  side effect and if so were they temporary or permanent. 
She used to be always on the move, super active very optimistic and she is terrified now , worried her vision won’t get back to normal. Any help / ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you !