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Zolendronic Acid - Finishing Treatment


Re: Zolendronic Acid - Finishing Treatment

Hi there Jan,

Thanks for your reply. I can relate when you mentioned the negative effects of chemo on your stamina.  

Honestly, after zolendronic acid  am hoping I will get my spring back in my step, a distance memory as presently I have these heavy legs. 


If not, the journey of acceptance and adjusting begins, together will  repeating my limitations to those close to me over and over again, and again and again and again.  And maybe one more time. 


Stay safe. 






Re: Zolendronic Acid - Finishing Treatment


I can’t answer that question because I haven’t had any stamina since chemo in 2019! But what I can tell you is that, although I have developed secondary breast cancer, it hasn’t metastasised to my bones which show up in scans as strong. I have one weak area where a fracture of my sternum in a car accident during chemo wasn’t diagnosed by A&E and I have a badly-healed fracture of the sternum - that’s an open invitation to the SBC cells and it didn’t happen. Both my oncologist and I put that down to zoledronate, although I only had 5 of th 6 treatments, the 6th being cancelled because I was embarking on a strong indefinite oral chemo and he felt my body had enough to contend with. So, for me, stamina or no stamina, the protective factor was the key and made every drip worth it.

Do you find you have weak muscles and/or painful joints? And are you low weight? I ask because the rheumatologist I was referred to told me that chemotherapy had attacked my tendons as there wasn’t enough body mass and that the damage is irreversible. The best I can do is exercise to maintain muscle strength. That was before my SBC diagnosis and now exercise can go hang - I’m too exhausted by chemo again. It does make you wonder how children get through it! My point is, it may be worth flagging this up with your oncologist. Lack of stamina can be life-changing and needs to be avoided.

Chin up and congratulations on completing the course! 

Jan x


Zolendronic Acid - Finishing Treatment

Hi there,

Just seeking whether people felt that their stamina improved after finishing the 6 monthly infusions for 3 years? 


Any thoughts welcome.


Her2 positive

Finished chemo May 2018.

Finishing Zolendronic Acid Jan 2022