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period returning after treatment

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Re: period returning after treatment

Hi El,


I was in May 2017 chemo starters forum and there were a number of younger ladies in that group.  From what I've heard, how you describe it is exactly how some of them have described it too.  I guess, like everything else after going through the treatments we have, it takes time for the body to get back to a new normal and more importantly for us to realise and get used to our new normal.


I'm sorry that I have no personal experience, although I was still having fairly regular periods before I started treatment back in 2017, I was already entering the peri-menopause and whilst having treatment and continuing now I've finished I've entered the menopause stage - one blessing of which is I've not had a period now for 2 years!  I'm only 51 though so I do still have horrid hot flushes which seem to get worse at the time I would normally have had a period! 


If you have any worries or concerns, don't worry over them - go see a GP or speak with your Breast Care team for reasssurance. 


Take care x


Re: period returning after treatment

Many pre-menopausal women retain or recover ovarian function and their periods return after treatment is completed. Return of ovarian function may depend on the woman's age prior to treatment and the type of medication she received during treatment.


Re: period returning after treatment

Hi @elliemc,


As you haven't had a reply from the community yet, do feel free to give our helpline a call on 0808 800 6000. It is open until 1pm today and 9am-4pm weekdays. You can also leave a voicemail when the helpline isn't open and our nurses will call you back.

Take care, Laura at Breast Cancer Care


period returning after treatment

Hi everyone,

Im just wondering how long it took or if periods returned after treatment?


Im 37 and was her2+ hormone negative, last chemo in January 2018 and last herceptin at the end of September 2018.


I had what seemed like a period but only a few days and light in October 2018, then a normal period at the end of November, and now nearly two months on, ive had nothing since.


Did anyone else have a menstrual cycle that started back up like that? or how long did it take if your period came back after chemo and/or herceptin?