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About to start my journey and already in pain!!


Re: About to start my journey and already in pain!!

Thankyou so much for your lovely reply. I start my FEC -T Treatment tomorrow morning. Terrified but determined to get through this xx

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Re: About to start my journey and already in pain!!

Hi Mermaid, sorry you find yourself here, but it’s the right place to come for help and advice. I’m very impressed re your wording of biopsy, as, quite frankly, mine hurt a lot worse than the actual op to remove the lump! So I would go with your consultant and not be too worried . Remember, you have had a very invasive procedure, as well as the emotional impact of the diagnosis. There is a lot of waiting around at this stage, I’m afraid. A medical team will be assigned to you, and when the results are back they will formulate a treatment plan for you. The team usually has a surgeon, oncologist, radiotherapist, nurse, and any other personnel needed for appropriate treatment for your particular cancer. I think it’s good to remember that their success is your success. I’ve had surgery, full lymph node removal, chemo (fec-t) and rads and I’m still bobbing along! 🙄 not an easy journey but doable. 

Once you get dates in the diary I think you’ll feel more settled. Join in with the appropriate month,y thread( s) and you’ll find help and support from others at your stage. Good luck. Big deep breaths! 🤞x

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Re: About to start my journey and already in pain!!

Hi @Mermaid1971 thank you for getting in touch. As @Joemic mentioned, i'm sure someone will be along shortly to continue the conversation.


You may find it helpful to speak to one of our breast cancer care nurses on the free Helpline, 0808 800 6000. They are available during the week 9am-5pm and 10am-2pm on Saturdays. Alternatively you can ask one of our experts in the Ask Our Nurses area of the Forum and they can respond to you online.


Best wishes
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Re: About to start my journey and already in pain!!

Hi Mermaid,

So sorry that you find yourself on here and as of yet you have not had a reply, I'm sure someone more knowledgeable than me will be able to help you but I felt the need to try and help you, I remember the feelings you describe so well.


It's a really difficult time and trying to make sense of our emotions is nigh on impossible to start with, some people go right through all their treatment before it hits them, it's very much a rollercoaster of emotions and sometimes just when you think you've got your head around it something comes along to blindside you. You are in the very early stages at the moment so be kind to yourself, give yourself time to catch your breath, it will come when the time is right.


I haven't experienced the pain you are describing, it makes me mad when medical professionals near enough dismiss what you are telling them, I suppose they see or hear it all the time but I think they forget that it is new to the person and are anxious about it.


Have you tried the 'ask the nurses' section on this website to see if they can advise?. You can also phone breast cancer care, maybe you could do that. I have also read on many threads that people contact Macmillan who they have found very knowledgeable and reassuring.


I hope you can find answers to your symptoms. When you find out your starting chemo date, please join the monthly thread corresponding to it, I think if your staring very soon it would be the September chemo thread. You will find other women on there who will be going through chemo at the same time - you will be able to support each other and discuss side effects etc. You can also look at and comment on any of the threads. Please use it to express how you feel; there are others who will be/are feeling the same and the support you give each other is invaluable.


I have just finished 6 x EC chemo for grade 3 IDC and am about to start radiotherapy along with hormone therapy and bisphosphates.


I wish you the very best with your treatment, if I can help at all give me a shout.


Joemic x 


About to start my journey and already in pain!!

Hey guys, I have been diagnosed with grade 3 invasive cancer with at least 3 lymph nodes affected . I have a meeting at the oncology unit this week with a view to me starting FEC -T the week after for 6 cycles, surgery after, then radiotherapy. My head is spinning and cant quite catch up with my emotions.

I have a large lump now in my armpit that appeared after my lymph biopsy and it's very painful, along with the area under the length of my arm and round my side. Is this a normal reaction?. I told the oncologist and he didnt seem very bothered about it, but it's very uncomfortable.

So sorry to ramble, so many questions and not getting alot of answers at present. Just got told yo " wait for a call" for my meeting with the cancer nurses.

Would very much appreciate some advice as feeling very down . Thankyou ❤