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Re: Anxious

Basils mum ❤️ Do ring the number on here and speak to a nurse ❤️ Also your team should point you in the direction of additional support at your trust ❤️ Remember you do what’s right for you ❤️Everyone finds their own way of hanging onto the emotional rollercoaster ❤️ And when you feel yourself floating out of your seat with the gravity remember Breast Cancer Now and everything it can help you with has got a tight 👭 on you and there all of us 👭 with tight 👭 on you too ❤️ Be kind to yourself because you are amazing ❤️ Always remember that ❤️💕💕Shi xx



Hi everyone

im just waiting for my prosigna results having been marginal for chemo on the predict programme. I had grade 2 lobular 45mm tumour removed at the end of May and a another op to get clear margins a couple of weeks later. In the last few weeks I’ve been feeling super anxious and tired - and in the last two weeks have developed back pain. I mentioned this to my oncologist who just said leave it another week before they’ll check anything. I’m waiting for a referral to have CBT through my GP, but wondered what everyone’s top tips are for coping with the emotional roller coaster - I’m really struggling.