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Electric Razor or Cream


Re: Electric Razor or Cream

Pinklily one benefit of chemo is that you won’t have to worry about hair removal for a while!!🤣. I wouldn’t waste money on a shaver. You could just embrace the continental look for now😁🤣 Kx

Re: Electric Razor or Cream

Hi Pinklily.  It's 3½ years now since I had 4 nodes removed and a lumpectomy with radiotherapy.  I can't remember being given any advice but, rightly or wrongly, I used a wet razor under my arms quite soon after the op (and the night before!).  Just very careful to avoid the SNB scar. All the best with the chemo, I'm eternally grateful that I didn't need it.


Electric Razor or Cream

Saw my oncologist on Tuesday, 9 weeks after surgery. Said I would be having chemo in the next two or three weeks, which will bring me up to 12 weeks. I've already had my hair cut very short, my hair dresser said it was a grade 2 and I want to be in control of what happens to me, not the cancer. 


I usually use an epilator for my legs and cream if I need to remove hair from bikini parts when swimming, not that I wear a bikini at my age Smiley LOL


I just wondered if I could use the hair removing cream under my arm, I only had 3 lymph nodes removed and apart from a minor infection, which has been cleared up under the arm, I am getting back to normal as much as possible. 


Has anyone used hair removing cream after having lymph nodes removed? I know the booklet advises to use an electric shaver, I've never used a razor, but it looks like a mind field trying to buy one that is not expensive but is reliable.


Would appreciate some feedback please and if you're wondering why I want to remove my hair knowing it's going to all fall out, it's because as I said, I want to be in control.