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First Mammogram but DIEP breast still painful

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Re: First Mammogram but DIEP breast still painful

Hi Shannara, it seems to me you have two areas of concern. One is about your reconstructed breast which I think you should be contacting your surgeon or BC nurse. My motto is...if in doubt , shout out! The second is re your first mammogram . I think it’s quite natural to be anxious about this, after all, you’ve had serious, invasive surgery. When I went for mine I burst into tears . I couldn’t believe it was the same technician and the same room as when I was first diagnosed!😢 Having said that, the staff were very sympathetic and much more gentle on my poor lump- less breast than on my good one. They are dealing with breast cancer patients all the time and so understand and adjust procedures . In your position I would very firmly remind them of how you feel, and also the pain you are in....which I think needs sorting. Best wishes. X


First Mammogram but DIEP breast still painful

Hello there,

I am hoping to hear from someone like me.....my concern is that on Monday I am having my first yearly check up but my new breast that was reconstructed using the DIEP procedure is still hard and painful....to be honest I don't think it should feel or look like the way it does.....I will take paracetamol before the mammogram but what will happen if it is too painful....I am so anxious.....