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Re: Support

Hello Pinklily,

Sorry to hear that your hospital care was unsupportive. As Ann says you can give feedback/raise issues directly or through the PALS service (PASS in Scotland).

If you are interested, you can also feedback your experiences, goid and bad, through the website "Care Opinion". With Care Opinion, you can remain anonymous if you wish.

Whereas I am grateful for the treatment I have received, I also found some aspects of Service lacking. These kept niggling me so when I was ready to deal with them I used Care Opinion as well as the Formal Complaints system to give positive feedback, constructive suggestions to improve practice in my opinion, as well as raising issues that I thought important and needed further explanation. I am awaiting formal response at the moment.

Take care Pinklily. Glad your Community nurses have been such a help.

X 🐥

Community Champion

Re: Support

Hi Pinklily,

Sorry to hear about your disappointing experiences. It's not good enough when professionals don't communicate properly &/or display unprofessional attitudes.

If you feel you need to, do submit a complaint about it. All health Trusts have complaints procedures & should be actively encouraging feedback. The PALS service (patients advice & liaison) will be able to help & their contact details should be on the Trust website.

If you've had this experience, then quite likely others have had as well & complaints need to go in, so that the service can be improved.

Wishing you well with it all.

ann x



Re: Support

I am really really sorry to hear that pinklily.


In the 21st century you would think that all hospitals and staff had shaped up by now.  I wish there was something I could advise, but you are perfectly within your rights to know what is going on with you and your body and your life?  


Maybe some other ladies have ideas about what we could do to support you more, or if anyone can advise.

I am guessing that you live somewhere that doesn't facilitate a lot of choice as to where you can go?


Hugs aplenty x



I have to say, since being diagnosed, I have had very little support from the cancer staff at the hospital. 10 minutes with the surgeon who gave me the news and told me he was going to operate, but snapped my head off when I asked what type and grade of cancer it was, just saying, it's cancer.

The cancer nurse who was in with him did not give me more than five minutes of her time when I came out of his room, except to say, 'here is a folder for you and some booklets to read'.

One week later, we had an appointment to see her for half an hour, but she seemed in a rush to go somewhere else and now she is on leave for a month. I had to phone her the day after my surgery to tell her, I was very unhappy about my surgeon. Even after my surgery, I asked if it was very deep, he said he did not look at it. I was so upset.


But I've had some wonderful support from the district nurse who had to change my dressings and was in no rush, sat and talked to me explaining things. The Nurse Practioner who came out because I was very poorly after and today, I spoke to a wonderful nurse, who I phoned on breastcancercare. She was reassuring, careing, explaining things to me and took time to help me with some difficult questions and decissions I've made.


The cancer nurse at the hospital, who was supposed to phone me today, never phoned me back, even though the reception staff said she would.


I feel very envious off all you ladies who have had such good care from your nurses and teams, it makes you feel of little value when those who should be there for you, just make you feel like an inconvenience.