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Waiting for results


Re: Waiting for results

Thanks for replying I've just spoken to the breast care nurse and she's calm me down a bit. She said they should have the results and discuss me tomorrow and will phone me up in the afternoon to let me know what they say.
It is the onco DX test, they said that NICE have passes it for small lumps and no node involvement but the trial is for post menopausal women with 1-3 lymph nodes and er+ so I tick all the boxes.
I hope your both doing ok with your treatments and recoveries.

Re: Waiting for results

Hi N May
Sorry you find yourself here.
Why I why do people feel the need to share cancer experiences with newly diagnosed patients. It is so unhelpful as everyone’s experience is different. I know they are trying to be helpful but it’s so inappropriate. Don’t feel bad about having a melt down here, it’s the best place for it and there is always someone listening. Fingers crossed for your results
Best wishes
Jacq x

Re: Waiting for results

Hello N.May


You sound to be in a similar position to me, just under a year ago. The waiting around for results is the worse part. I had a WLE and full node clearance last October. My results showed I had 4 lymph nodes effected (two under microscope only) and this made me not qualify to have the Onco DX test. Is this the test you are referring to?


I did, however, join the Optima trial (I am the same age as you and my tumour was 15mm and ER positive) and I would be happy to discuss my experiences with you if this is the trial you are referring to?




Waiting for results



this is the first time I've posted. Sorry for the long post but I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself today.


I was diagnosied in June and had a WLE and SNB 10/7, ans told this would most likely be followed with radiotherapy and hormone therapy. Although the lump was only 18mm, 2 of the 3 lymph nodes were positive which even the surgeon was surprised at. It was decided that I woulld have more surgery on the lymph nodes although the surgeon was pretty sure that they would be clear, He also said that while it wasn't definite, I was heading more towards chemotherapy now as well but I might be able to go on a trial which would skip the chemo if the results were good.

I went back in on 8/8 for more nodes to be removed, of the 7 removed 1 more was positive. When I went back to the surgeon for my post op check he said that I would most likely have chemo as I am still young (I'm 51) and unlikely to go on the trial, but the MDT would decided the following Wed.

The breast care nurse phoned me to let me know the outcome of the MDT meeting. The oncologist decided to send me for a CT scan to see if I was suitable for the trial. I had the CT scan last Tuesday and I am now waiting for the results and hope I will be discussed at the MDT meeting tomorrow and then I will get an appoitment to see the oncologist soon.

I guess it's the waiting that's getting to me. If the scan results are good i can get on the onco test trial. If the trial results are good I skip chemo. I just feel out of control and time is slipping away, despite the logical part of my brain is telling me that they are waiting for the results and nothing drastic will happen in 2 weeks.I just want to know the next steps but at the moment I haven't even got any appointments to focus on.

Added to this I went back to work last Wednesday and a collegues husband started chemo for stage 4 kidney cancer last week, so she 'helpfully' kept repeatedly telling me what I'll be able to eat and what I have to do and can't do while on chemo for my first 2 days back at work. I tried to point out that I might not have to have chemo and as it's a different cancer so the drugs and side effects would be different.

I would say the everyone at my hospital has been amazing and I have full confidence in them, so this is not aimed at them.


Sorry for the rant but this is all swirlling through my mind. I'm going to phone my breast care nurse as soon as their open and hopefully she'll be able to stop this meltdown!!