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'Alternative' non-invasive treatments

Lancashire Lass

Re: 'Alternative' non-invasive treatments

Hi Everybody,

Please let us know how the mushroom research goes.

I too am really interested in complementary therapies and will be really interested to hear how the hyperbaric oxygen goes. One of our local therapy units puts so many obstacles in the way of using the equipment I can’t use it. All not organic substances are banned including false teeth! So as I have a PICC line in covers by a plastic dressing so can’t use that one yet.

I am also investigating Berberine, dietary changes especially no sugar and carbohydrates, CBD oil and acupuncture for neuropathy (struggling to find an acupuncturist though) When there are so few options for TNBC it makes sense to take some control and look outside conventional medicine for more help. It saddens me that oncologists so often poopoo such things even though there is plenty of evidence that these things can help. Why are they so resistant? Big Pharma, that’s why.

Good luck to anyone giving them a go. Love and hugs

www.canceractive.org is an interesting site to look at


Re: 'Alternative' non-invasive treatments


I am really interested in the use of medicinal mushrooms and have started growing a few different types: Lion's Mare, Reishi and Shiitake. It's been fun watching them grow and has given me another focus. I'm also taking Turkey Tail as recommended by my nutritionist. 

I'm having my introductory Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber session on Thursday at my local MS Centre as they also treat cancer patients. 


Lancashire Lass

Re: 'Alternative' non-invasive treatments

I for one would love to hear of any progress you make as I am also interested in complementary therapies. Once you stop treatment you should consider treatment to restore your gut micro biome to health as quickly as you can. It’s difficult to do when being hammered by chemo. I have really awful peripheral neuropathy in my feet and am considering acupuncture to see if that will help. Conventional treatment is absolutely knocking me for six and I’m not sure it’s worth it as I’m getting all the side effects for very little benefit. Where to go from here, that’s the question? Cancer active and Yes to Life are both helpful sites.


Re: 'Alternative' non-invasive treatments

Hi @agavebeat ,

I guess you have finished your meds now? What did you choose to do next?

I am looking into additional therapies to support my orthodox treatment ( was on Palbociclib and letrozole now about to start fulvestrant while I await a genomic test for my cancer type. 
I will do a few sessions of oxygen, have had a personal prescription from Chris Woollams of Canceractive which has given me loads of supplements and nutrition advice. I am considering mistletoe but won’t do that immediately. 
I think the oxygen therapy for at least 3 sessions would be good to do. 
good luck and keep smiling!

Community Manager

Re: 'Alternative' non-invasive treatments

Hi agavebeat,

Thank you for your post. I am sorry you haven't had any response yet. I am hoping my response will help our members to see your post and offer their advice. 

Please remember that for any clinical question our nurses are here and happy to talk things through. 

Sending you our best wishes.



'Alternative' non-invasive treatments

I have a single 2.7 cm liver met that has remained stable for the past 3.5 years with Faslodex and Tasilosib (a study drug). The study is coming to an end (I'm on my last round of meds, which I will be glad to be off). I believe in non-allopathic medicine, and wonder if anyone has either considered and/or tried any of the other non-conventional treatments (hyperbaric oxygen, IV Vit. C, hypothermia, etc. - there's a whole host of treatments offered by clinics in Mexico, and around the world, including Germany). Does anyone have any experience with these?

Thank you.