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Anyone on Enhertu?


Re: Anyone on Enhertu?

I'm about to get my third dose of Enhertu. After my second dose I noticed my hair coming out but I cut it short. It has continued to "shed" so I'm probably going for a buzz cut this weekend. My oncologist said not all women lose hair, but I seem to be one of the unlucky ones in that regard. As far as tolerating the chemo--I don't feel well for about 7-10 days after treatment, then my energy starts to pick up and the nausea subsides. By week 3 I'm feeling overall much better though I fatigue easily. I do work full-time and I'm 64, so those 2 things factor in on how I feel. 


Anyone on Enhertu?

Just wondering if anyone is on enhertu? I might be lucky enough to get onto a clinical trial...but i am reading the side effects include hair loss.  I know I will have a hair loss treatment one day, but i'm not necessarily ready for it yet - my alternative is Cape and Phesgo which I believe is a well-tolerated combo in general, and won't cause hair loss.

Interested to know what anyone thinks? I've heard so much about Enhertu, but as a targeted therapy, I was surprised to learn it can cause hair loss.

Thanks so much,