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Bone biopsy of Humerus


Re: Bone biopsy of Humerus

After all the stress and worry of having bone biopsy of my humerus. I was phoned at 5pm last night to be told the Dr had bookethe appt as urgent but there was no bed for me.

Appointment cancelled again


I am so fed up as I am 3 months on from diagnosis and no treatment to fight the cancer. 


What happened to  cancer being a priority on the Nhs




Re: Bone biopsy of Humerus

I had a biopsy of my sternum last year. Before biopsy,  I was given IV which I think that was for the local anaesthetic. The whole process from entering into the room and got out of the room took about 25 mins. The first few minutes I was left alone in a room and was told they would use the CT scanner to locate the biopsy area. I closed my eyes for the whole time the doctor did the biopsy.Like what Mac61 said, no pain and just a bit of pressure. When they told me to open my eyes, they were already cleaning the blood (?) on my chest. I took shower that night. I peeled off the 2in x2in bandage couple days later and  saw only a sightly red dot in that area.





Re: Bone biopsy of Humerus

Thank you Meg. Really needed your advice to reassure me.


Feels like all the plans and hopes I had are disappearing in hospital appointments, but guess it will get better once the Drs decide what treatment to give me.


Just want to stay alive xx


Re: Bone biopsy of Humerus

Hi mounties,

I had a biopsy of my sternum about 2 years ago.

They gave me sedation as well as a local anaesthetic, so it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be!

I just felt a bit of pressure when they did the biopsy.

They used a CT scanner to locate the correct place, but I'm not sure if they do this in all cases.

Hope this helps,



Bone biopsy of Humerus

Recently diagnosed with secondary breast cancer 12 years after initial mastectomy.


Diagnosed in April and initially put on Letrozole which I found uncomfortable due to aches and pains so Dr took me off.


Have had MRI, CT and Bone dexity scans which Dr initially thought was enough to get a full picture of the cancer spread..


Now been told I have to have a Bone biopsy next Tuesday and I am dreading it.  I understand there won't be anymore then a local aneasetic  given and I am not good with pain.


I am dreading it and am terrified as I am already in a lot of pain from my shoulders, arms and hips which is where the main mets are


Really would appreciate hearing from others that have had a bone biopsy to explain exactly what I can expect.