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How often should we have CT scans with MBC


Re: How often should we have CT scans with MBC

Your post is really encouraging for me to read!!! Just been diagnosed just over 3 weeks now with lung nodules (both) very early stage mets primary diagnosis was May 2017 I see on next week to find out what treatment etc as I had a chest infection on diagnosis day and it's all I think about it spreading etc my anxiety has peaked to another level as they weren't looking for metastatic disease when they scanned me rather than damage through rads so it was a complete surprise to my onc and a terrible shock to me and my family I'm finding reassurance reading that some of you have had mets nearly disappeared mind I can also understand the need for reassurance with more frequent scans, I will also mention tumor markers as I have never had this test before x


Re: How often should we have CT scans with MBC

Hello Annigogo,

My secondaries in peritoneum and bones were discovered about four years ago.  At first I had scans every three to four months (whilst on FEC chemotherapy), then every six months for a while.  Now I have them every 12 months, my next is due in May.  I have been on Anastrozole since the chemo finished, also Denosumab injections monthly.  Latest scans haven't mentioned peritoneum and bones are "stable".  I don't have tumour markers done, just blood tests every twelve weeks.  I also worry that scans are few and far between, as how else do they know if things are progressing?  Still, we learn to live with this.

Best wishes to all,



Re: How often should we have CT scans with MBC

I am so pleased this question has been asked. My scan in July showed my chest and right lung were now clear, had another scan a few weeks ago and results are the same which is fantastic. Now they don't  need to see me until after my next BC check up which is nearly a year away. I Should be happy  that I am currently No Evidence of Disease, and I am, but lack of scan is scary. 


Re: How often should we have CT scans with MBC

Hello Annigogo..


when I was first diagnosed with secondaries in bones and peritoneum the Onc told me that I would be scanned every six months.  I was put on Letrozole and Zometa.

The next scan was after 6 months and then there was a break of 15 months which made me a bit anxious.  When I asked him why he said that in my case the TMs are a very good indicator so scans not needed so often.  When they started to rise last year he did a scan and things were progressing a bit.  I have changed treatment a couple of times and am now on Capecitibane.  I am now having scans about every three to four months...due one just after Christmas 

Do they tell you your TM readings.....that could perhaps be the reason why, I would ask your Onc when you see him next.


take care and all the best 



How often should we have CT scans with MBC

Hi wonderful people

How often should we be scanned ? I have Lung mets on Letrazole and Ibrance, 1st scan in June following diagnosis showed great improvement, but not had one since and there isnt one booked 

I did contact my Oncs secretary in October, have phoned her, he has been away for a month. Due to see him on December 10th, but she is saying it will need to be put back now Smiley Sad