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Last chance.... CBD oil reviews and feedback


Re: Last chance.... CBD oil reviews and feedback


So sorry to hear about your Mum. Please have a look at FECO Rick Simpsons oil. I am researching this myself to use. It's not legal in this country due to its high thc But... It's possible to get it.

There have been staggering results. It's organic and natural but very potent. Best results due to uptake is as a suppository. 

My view for what it's worth is you have nothing to lose by trying it. 

If you want to PM me I can point you to websites etc I am looking at. It's contraversial. There seems to be some resistance in medical profession to these types of treatments but it's a personal decision in the end. 

I wish you and your family all the best wishes. There is always, always hope 💕


I am using it already three years, agains the terrible pa...

I will be happy to leave a review about CBD oil. I have been using it for a long time and it helps me cope with headaches very much. I work as a school teacher and headaches are common for me. I used to take pills in huge quantities. From this I began to hurt the kidneys and stomach. I was advised to try CBD oil. I tried it and the pain went away. She never came back. I take it in small doses. It doesn't affect my mind. I don't get Jolly or mad, I just get over the pain. I buy CBD oil here thehempire.com


Re: Last chance.... CBD oil reviews and feedback

Hello sorry to hear this sad tale of your Mum. I am taking the oil ( I have secondary breast cancer in my bones ). 

As someone said to me it is a natural product and you have nothing to lose. !!! I have quite a strong one and I take 3drops in morning and 3 drops at  night. I have noticed it definitely helped me feel so much better. Try it .Get some for your mum. 


Re: Last chance.... CBD oil reviews and feedback

Hi RachyP,

Would the CBD oil get stuck in the stomach or vomit out of the body instead of going into your mom's body via bloodstream. For my mom, me and my brothers had begged for heated chemo HIPEC but at that time , it was only on trial in Canada and my mom was sent home and died at home due to SBC with met around intestine and in the wall of  blood vessels below stomach. Just my view, as far as possible, let your mom to be taken care by professionals at hospital. We don't have the knowledge and ability. 


Re: Last chance.... CBD oil reviews and feedback

Very sorry to read your post Rachy, and really feel for you. I went through a similar experience with my mum and found it much harder to bear than my own diagnosis.

I don’t have personal experience of using CBD but have been to a couple of talks about it as it is something that interests me. One was held by the Yes To Life charity, there were several knowledgeable speakers, including a doctor involved in researching it. Why don’t you contact them, they are based in London, and I know they’ve run at least a couple of these evenings so may well be able to help you.

There’s also a very good fb group NATURAL MEDICINE, DUNDEE, SCOTLAND. That’s how it appears in the link, think it’s run by someone called Debs who seems to have a very good understanding of it, from what I’ve read she liaises with a group in America. 

Hope this helps and I wish you and your mum well, thinking about you, Kate x


Re: Last chance.... CBD oil reviews and feedback

so sorry to hear you are in this situation. There are some articles which may be of help https://www.cancerresearchuk.org/about-cancer/cancer-chat/thread/terminal-cancer-cannabis-oil there are a couple of link at bottom of article too. I would say try anything that could alleviate symptoms sending you love Liz x  


Last chance.... CBD oil reviews and feedback

This is my last chance so any info suggestions would help... I'm looking for reviews and feedback of anyone who has used CBD oil to ease secondary breast cancer issues.


My mother 58 was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016. The lump was a big size so the treatment plan was intense chemotherapy, mastectomy and removal of 14 lymph nodes, followed by radiotherapy. 


Mum has now been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer. The cancer is a mass in the lymph nodes under the collarbone, Mets on the bones and a tumor that is under the stomach and is crushing the tube that leads into the intestine. This is causing the stomach to fill with food and fluids then because it isn't going through mum ends up vomiting daily. This has now been going on for 3 weeks losing 18lb in weight. Mum is currently in hospital and is receiving steroids and sickness medication through a syringe driver and medication and nutrients through TVN bag that goes in through a line in her arm as the veins aren't able to cope with a cannula. 


Palliative team have suggested a stent to allow food and fluids to pass through to the intestine as she has no energy and is sleeping alot. The plan was to start chemotherapy this week but the sickness needs to be controlled. 


Today we were told to be prepared to take our mum home to die. As you can imagine this is hard to hear. 


I'm looking for some sort of direction on taking CBD oil I have read research articles that have had positive results. Has anyone tried CBD oil and what percentage and milligrams do you use.


I'm desperate and need to try keep hope xxx