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Lung mets pain


Re: Lung mets pain

Hi anniej

many thanks for the response. I think pain relief is my next step. Have been reluctant up to this point as have wanted to be in a position of knowing when something new or different appears in my body. Am worried that they may mask something that I need to be aware of.

think I may have been a bit naive with that train of thought and now sleep seems more important.


So ‘sod it’ I’m having the pain relief tonight!  👍


di x

Community Champion

Re: Lung mets pain

Hi Di, I’ve got two tiny mets in each lung and have no pain with them. I do have pain which is quite annoying, under the breast and ribs where I had surgery and rads. I guess it depends how large the mets are. I know that when I have chest infections, which is often during winter, then I have discomfort and breathing difficulties. Are you taking meds for the pain? Don’t see why you should put up with it, ‘normal’ or not. X


Lung mets pain

Hello ladies

i have SBC with spread to bones and lungs. On letrozole, palbociclib and denosumab since March 2019. 1st scan improved 2nd scan stable.

I have had discomfort around right ribs for a while - it’s like I’ve got something stuck between my ribs and when I try to take a deep breath it feels like something is catching and I can’t take the full breath.

when I mentioned this to my oncologist he seemed to indicate that’s a normal symptom of the condition - is that right? Does anyone else have similar symptoms?

thanks all