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Re: Bone biopsy of Humerus


Re: Bone biopsy of Humerus today

Hi Mounties,

I’m sorry you haven’t had any replies yet. Must be holiday time....

I don’t have bone mets but thought I’d just say hi. I have mets in my peritoneum (abdomen) and ovary, and had mets in my liver that have been removed by surgery. 

I cant believe your biopsy took two hours!! I bet you didn’t expect that! But I’m glad you had a great nurse to accompany you through it. I don’t know about you but I often find those moments of investigations the most upsetting (scans, biopsies etc) as I suddenly think ”sh*t, I’ve got cancer!” I don’t know why, as I go to chemo suite for treatment every three weeks 😂. It just somehow makes it real again.

Anyway, I’m wondering why they’ve done a biopsy when you already have secondaries in your Shoulder? Hope it gives them whatever information they need to get you on the most effective treatment going forward.

hope you’re feeling recovered and able to do something nice with your weekend 

Jacksy x


Re: Bone biopsy of Humerus today

Had biopsy today at Leicester royal infirmary.

Given sedation and local anaesthetic in arm.


Had a lovely Male nurse called Tony who held my hand through the procedure which in total took 2 hours .


Procedure was carried out by a radiologist using the ct scanner to locate the area of interest


Not painful. More uncomfortable when it felt like he was digging for treasure in my shoulder.


Nothing to fear except fear of unknown. Ask questions and ask for sedation

Community Manager

Re: Bone biopsy of Humerus

Hi Mounties

Sorry that you haven't had a reply yet. You may find it helpful to speak to one of our trained specialists on the free Helpline, 0808 800 6000.

Alternatively you can ask one of our experts in the Ask Our Nurses area of the Forum and they can respond to you online.

Best wishes


Re: Bone biopsy of Humerus

Finally booked in for bone biopsy of humerus next Wednesday.  

Been told I can ask for sedation if I need it. What did others have, sedation or not?


I am nervous as my bone mets are mainly shoulders and arms which can be extremely painful at times. Is this biopsy going to make the pain worst?


I am nervous of the procedure. I am not good with pain and i am scared. 


Any advice please