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Red inflamed skin on breast


Re: Red inflamed skin on breast

Hi Amy,

I haven't experienced this but I think its good that you will be seeing your oncologist next week. As you mentioned it to him/her a few weeks ago it was obviously concerning you and he should have looked then. But my oncologist is quite similar in that he is very keen to talk about treatments but obviously feels it is up to the chemo nurses to deal with the side effects and isn't interested if I mention anything. 

Try not to worry and just make sure he does look. Could talking to your nurse on Monday help bring your appointment forward?

Wishing you all the best.

Bee x


Red inflamed skin on breast

I’m 8 weeks into my first line chemotherapy  treatment for Secondary TNBC (with lung mets), diagnosed in July. I had a scan this week so will have the results next week. 

Before I started treatment my breast was very swollen and my nipple was being pulled down inside. That swelling has now gone down (although not completely) and the nipple is standing up again more like usual. I have taken this as a good sign, which my breast nurse agreed with. The skin all around the nipple, however, is quite red and inflamed. I mentioned it to my oncologist a few weeks ago when I saw him briefly to check how chemo was going. He didn’t seem concerned and didn’t have a look. I think it has got worse since then but to be honest I just put it down to the breast being under attack with the chemo etc so haven’t paid it that much attention. It is not itchy or painful. I spoke to my breast nurse this week and mentioned it again and she said the dr should definitely look at it when I see him next week. This has made me panic a bit. I’ve seen info online about both IBC and skin mets, neither of which seem to fit exactly. The nipple has felt tingly inside but again I thought this was just the chemo working away inside. 

I have my appointment to see the oncologist anyway next week and will probably call my nurse first thing on Monday again. I just wondered in the meantime if anyone had a similar experience or advice?