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Worried about painful collar bone


Re: Worried about painful collar bone

Omg my name is Michelle and five years remission I could have written this post I just this have started to get shoulder pain and tingling across my back I do suffer with lymphodema in arm and reconstruction boob . I have suffered with anxiety and went to the doctors who has said he’s giving me mot of blood tests let us know how you get on x

Worried about painful collar bone

Hi I'm now in remission year 5 and since last autumn I'm getting horrendous shoulder, upper arm and collar bond pain. As I'm writing this my upper arms are so painful and every movement makes them feel as if they're going to snap. Most of this pain fee!s like it's right inside around the top of my arm then it moves down a bit in the upper arm .Occasionally I can feel pain stabbing along my collarbone. I'm seeing a gp on the 8th to discuss blood test results and also my back issues regarding an mri which showed up several haemangiomas in the thoracic & lumbar area. I'm hoping he would be able to refer me for a ct scan, as I was told an x-ray would not necessarily show up small areas of anything doubtful in the bone. I also spoke to my Breast unit yesterday and as I'm no longer under their Dept now, they think that my gp should be able to help. I'm just wanting answers as to what this awful feeling is and if it's at all linked to Breast cancer. Thank you. Michele x