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Tripple neg, pregnant and afraid


Re: Tripple neg, pregnant and afraid

Oh also, if you are allowed to tattoo while pregnant then maybe think about getting your eyebrows done before they fall out. It really does make a difference. Ive lost nearly all of my hair now and getting the eyebrows done beforehand has made it easier. 


Re: Tripple neg, pregnant and afraid

Wow, you're an inspiring young lady. I'm 43 and pretty much at the same stage as you. Triple negative, in a lymph node also, had my second chemo yesterday. My kids are teenagers and taking it well. You are raising small children and going through this and are pregnant! I absolutely admire your courage and positive attitude. Wishing you all the very best and will be thinking of you x 

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Re: Tripple neg, pregnant and afraid

Hi Mumma2be,

So sorry to see you find yourself here, but glad you've found us.

You are not alone with this, there are others here of a similar age to you with small children, who will hopefully be along soon.

Do have a look at the 'going through treatment' thread, where  you'll find the monthly chemo threads & the one for 'younger women & families.'

If you need to talk things through, there is also the helpline here.

So good to hear the baby is well & the important thing is, you are now in treatment to get it dealt with.

Sending hugs

ann x



Tripple neg, pregnant and afraid

Little back story i guess.. i was 29 and found a lump in my right breast back in may 19. Went to drs and had to have an ultrasound, biopsies were taken and i was told two weeks later I have grade 2, tripple negative breast cancer and metastatic lymph node cancer. I was to start chemotherapy asap after having liver scans, back mris and chest xrays. All the while, im trying to bring up 3 wonderful children under 10 and have a healthy pregnancy Which im only 15 weeks into. 

After being given the all clear for it spreading anywhere else i had my 1st round august 1st. 4 days short of my 1month diagnosis. 

I tolerated it well, so far baby is thriving and not being effected but I will have 4 weekly scans to monitor her. Hair seems to have stayed put, up top anyway but im putting it down to sticking out the cold cap 💪🏼 go me! I turned 30 2 weeks ago and my day was spent in bed hurting from the antibody injections i have to take.

Any words of wisdom, advice or anything from anyone with a similar experience or just in general would be amazing right now.

As brilliant as friends and family are, they dont quite understand xx