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How and why we moderate


How and why we moderate

We do not censor opinions or comments, except where they break our forum guidelines and as such Breast Cancer Care does not necessarily endorse opinions or comments made here.


We have adopted a system where anyone can post without pre-moderation so that everyone who needs help and support can access it at the very point they are looking for it.  Because of this, there may be the rare occasion when spam posts could appear, although we have a very robust spam filter system in place.  The Community Champions and forum members are able to notify the Digital Community Assistant and the Digital Community Officer if this happens by using the abuse notification button which is found in every post.


We will remove in their entirety comments that we judge to be abusive of other posters, any form of commercial advertising or information posted that we judge to be seriously factually incorrect.


We reserve the right to remove any post for any reason, but we will always try to contact the original poster to explain our reasons. If this happens we may put your account into 'moderation' until we have discussed your post and agreed a way forward.


If a student or health professional wishes to contact other board members for help conducting surveys or academic projects, please note that these requests are not suitable for our support forums and will always be deleted without being published.  A research request can be sent to moderator@breastcancercare.org.uk and a research request form and information will be emailed to you.


Our team of Community Champions are here to connect and engage with all established and new forum users.  They will talk with and signpost users to relevant information, services and sources of support within the forum or externally to our Website.  Community Champions will also keep the Digital Community Assistant and Digital Community Officer informed of any posts or users they are concerned about.  All users can do this by using the report inappropriate content button found in the options drop down in the top right hand side of each post.


If you have any questions about our moderation process, or wish to comment on any aspect of the forums, please contact us by emailing moderator@breastcancercare.org.uk