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How to get started and post


How to get started and post

How to guides – Getting started


Welcome to the Breast Cancer Now Forum – we are here for anyone affected by breast cancer. This is a place to talk about experiences, share knowledge and support each other.

If this is your first time using the Forum, don’t worry as hopefully this guide should explain how to register, how to post and reply and where to post.

If you need any help email us at moderator@breastcancernow.org

Before you post, you need to register

You need to register on the Forum before you can post something.

Your username should not include your location, full name or any contact details such as your email address.

Note: Remember that messages on the open Forum can be seen by anyone browsing the web. All pages and messages are indexed by search engines such as Google.

Email confirmation

When you register, we’ll send confirmation to your email address. The email will contain your login details and a link that you’ll need to click to validate your account.

Start a conversation, post and reply

To create a new conversation, go to the category and then board you want to post in and then use the 'start a new thread' button.

If you want to reply to an existing conversation you can do this by using the reply button at the bottom of the post you wish to reply to.

Safety tip: In order to protect your privacy and safety please don’t post any personal or account specific details. Everything posted on our open Forum is available for public view.

But where do I post?

First you need to find a section to post your question and introduce yourself. Below is a mini guide if you are having trouble getting started.

  • If you have a question for one or our nurses, visit out Ask Our Nurses category.
  • If you want a cancer-free space to chat and connect visit our Coffee Lounge category.
  • If you want to talk about Genes and breast cancer visit the Genes and breast cancer category.
  • If you are worried about symptoms of breast cancer or are anxious about waiting for test results, visit our Have I got breast cancer? category.
  • If you have been recently diagnosed and want to know more about your specific diagnoses you can access information and support on our I am recently diagnosed category.
  • If you want to discuss your treatment plan and want to talk to others going through the same, visit our Going through treatment category
  • If you are no longer in active treatment and want to talk about your recovery, sex and relationships, coping with fear and anxiety or work and finance then visit our Moving Forward after breast cancer category.
  • If you have secondary breast cancer and want to talk to others who understand or discuss treatment options, visit our Living with secondary breast cancer category.
  • Are you a man or younger women with breast cancer? Are you lesbian or bisexual? Then you may want to visit our Talk to people like me category.
  • If you are supporting someone with breast cancer and want to talk to others who understand, visit our Supporting someone with breast cancer category.
  • To post a dedication to someone and share your memories you can visit our Dedications and remembering others category
  • If you still don't know where to post and want to ask a question, we are happy to help 🙂 Just visit the Talk to us board.

I need to edit my post

To do this, use the ‘Options’ drop down in the top-right hand side of the post you would like to edit.

Then select the ‘Edit Reply’ option. You should then be able to remove or edit your reply.

What happens next?

We’ve got a great forum full of friendly, supportive and knowledgeable people on-hand to help. You may get a response from another member of the forum or, if not, one of our moderators will pop in and help.

You may also spot one of our Community Champions who have a gold star next to their name. These users became Champions as they are highly supportive members of our community. So, if you see one, why not introduce yourself?

Don’t worry if you don’t get a response straight away, it can take up to 24 hours for a user to reply to your post.

Tip: A small ‘Admin’ or ‘Mod’ badge next to a profile name identifies a member is a moderator and all Breast Cancer Now Staff will have ‘_BCN’ at the end of their username.