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Hug posts, add friends and spot a community champion


Hug posts, add friends and spot a community champion

This guide explains how to use hugs, make friend requests, and how to spot a Community Champions.


How do I hug a post?


Hugs are a way to offer a virtual hug to a user to offer support, show your appreciation for information and advice and offer a message of ‘I’m here for you’.


To ‘Hug’ a post you simply click the ‘Hugs’  icon Hugs icon.png below a post.  


How do I make a friend request?


You can create a list of friends, who are users you want to be in regular contact with. It is a way of creating and expanding your community within the forum.


Depending on your privacy settings, the people on your Friends List can see you biography, other personal information or whether you are online. If you send Private Messages, you can choose your friends from a list instead of typing their names.  


To add a friend to your list:


  1. Make sure you are signed in.
  2. Click the user name of the user you would like to add as a friend
  3. In the ‘Contact Me’ section click ‘Add *user* to Friends’.


Community Champions


If you are looking round the forum you may spot a Community Champion. 


This means that a few users have been recognised for the wonderful care and support they have shown to other users. In fact, they are a great representation of all the kindness and support that is shown by all our users and within our community. Without our supportive users there would be no forum! 


So that you can recognise them, they will have Community Champion by their name and a gold starIcons_RGB_single_Large_Champion icon.jpg.   The Community Champions will continue to do what they already naturally do, being friendly and supportive, helping to welcome new users and supporting our forum. We hope that they will be the first of many Community Champions in the future.


If you spot a Community Champion feel free to say hello and to have a chat. The moderators are still here to help, that hasn’t changed, Smiley Happy , if you have any questions contact us at: moderator@breastcancercare.org.uk.