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Anyone managed to get ANY life insurance post BC???


Re: Anyone managed to get ANY life insurance post BC???

Hi, I talked to a woman with breast cancer who got life insurance through a MacMillan financial advisor. This was at the support centre in Scotland in Invernes at Raigmore hospital.  Supposedly there is a list with insurers for life, travel etc. fot cancer survivors. I haven't checked it out yet myself but I am planning to. Good luck!


Re: Anyone managed to get ANY life insurance post BC???

Hi youngdogmum,


As you haven't had a reply from the community yet, I was wondering whether our information on health insurance might be helpful: https://www.breastcancercare.org.uk/information-support/facing-breast-cancer/living-beyond-breast-ca... 


Obviously it's written with the assumption of access to the NHS, so as you say you'll need to check the details of that as an Australian citizen, but I hope this might be useful information. 


Take care, Becca at Breast Cancer Care. 


Anyone managed to get ANY life insurance post BC???

Hello all,


I've perused this forum for a few months now since diagnosis but this is my first post.


As a bit of a background; I am 27, stage 2B invasive lobular ER/PR+ HER2-, have had mastectomy, axillary clearance (1 very small amount in 1 node out of 14) and am halfway through chemo right now. 


Heres where this gets complicated. I live in Australia, Im an Australian citizen married to a Scottish man. This diagnosis has shown us life is too short. I know a lot of you will think we're crazy to leave a tropical climate, but I have very little family and it would be really nice to be nearer my husbands family. Being so young at diagnosis, even though I had a good prognosis we all know anything can happen with hormone positive BC and I don't want us regretting where we live long term. 

Has anyone been able to secure any life insurance, even a small amount of 50-100,000GBP, in the UK at all post diagnosis?? 

Im very fortunate I have life insurance through my employment here in Australia; this would cease to be effective if I leave Australia long term. 

I suppose Im trying to establish, do I have any options for securing something for my husband if we choose to move back for quality of life reasons and set up a new life in Scotland, by knowingly giving up the insurance in Australia.

This is obviously a huge decision and will need several years of planning so no rush, I have just been so disheartened to read how other women have had no success at all in the UK.


Also if anyone knows the answer to this; Im going to assume I would need British permanent residency at a minimum before becoming eligible for life insurance regardless of the diagnosis?

Many thanks for any advice.