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Benefits, tax, finances, help?!


Re: Benefits, tax, finances, help?!

I think that I know a good solution to your problem. You can make additional payments, but it won't help you if you don't know how to use your money. How to organize your salary thus that you will have money for everything, and you won't need any additional apps. I would recommend you find a financial coach, but it's too expensive for you, so I will leave a link to a site where you will be able to take free financial courses and find some good tips.


Re: Benefits, tax, finances, help?!

I will try to help you.


Re: Benefits, tax, finances, help?!

Hi Hannah,

Please don't apologise, just glad you can get all of this down. It's all the consequences of a bc diagnosis that can be such a worry to handle on top of everything else.

All I can say is that others here have found Macmillan helpful with benefits, work & finances, so it maybe worth getting some advice on this. CAB may also be able to help.

Hopefully, one of the others will be along who can better advise.

Wishing you well with it all.

ann x



Benefits, tax, finances, help?!

Hello 🙂 I recently had to apply for another job as because of the ongoing cancer, doctor visits and all that fun stuff I just can't keep up my relatively intensive full time job. I've stepped down to part time there for now until I have that job. I can't sustain my family on part time work, so was wondering if I could claim any benefits, and if they will be added to my taxable income? I've been using these wage calculations to figure out what money I have after paying things I need to, those calculators have tax and NI and I know what bills I pay which is easy enough to take off the sum the calculator gives me, and it's not looking good if I drop down to part time. All our finances revolve around myself and my husband both working full time, and me dropping to part time is going to have a significant impact on that. How should I go about this? Anyone got any advice?


(Also sorry for the huge wall of text, too stressed to form a proper sentence at the moment!!)