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Feeling unfulfilled at work


Re: Feeling unfulfilled at work

Hi Annpena, 

just read your post about work. Well done going back after treatment and getting promoted, that’s not easy to do. 

I think how we feel about work/life changes after going through so much. I’ve been off work since March and have pretty much decided I won’t be going back. I’ve been with the same employer for 30 years and no longer enjoy what I do. Part of me feels I don’t want to waste my time sitting doing something I don’t get any enjoyment from. 

Financially things will have to change but we’ll manage. At the moment I feel I just need time to get over what’s happened and then hopefully find something I find a bit more fulfilling. 

I hope things work out for you xx 


Feeling unfulfilled at work

Things were sailing well when I returned to work and was grateful for the support I was given by the management during treatment of my breast cancer. I even got promoted later after coming back . However,  I realised I am not getting fulfilled on what I do anymore started to dislike what I do. I felt I was spending more time at work than my loved ones. I recently cut my hours but has put a strain on our financial situation and I don’t want to go back being full time again.


many thanks