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Job Interview


Re: Job Interview

They can't discriminate against you because you've had cancer, that's why it's included in the DDA. If it were me, I wouldn't mention it until after they give you the job - they can't say anything if you tell them after, because they were legally not allowed to turn you down based on that anyway. But this way they can't use the information to your detriment and make up other excuses. I may be quite cynical 😉

From the DDA: "You don’t have to tell your employer you have cancer. But if you don’t tell them, they can’t make any changes to your job or workplace. You can ask your employer to keep the information confidential so only people you agree to have this information are told."


Re: Job Interview

I started a new job in Primary Care (GP surgery) at the end of April this year. I had early stage breast cancer in 2020, had a mastectomy but no reconstruction due to covid. So at some point Ill be having 3-4 months off for reconstruction. 
I was really open about this, and told them when they offered me the job (I didn’t mention it In my original application or interview) and as I work across three surgeries I made them all aware. They’ve all been super supportive and when I got a date earlier in the summer they were all really caring and  supportive. (My surgery has been cancelled again due to covid since.) 

So I would say go for it, be honest and open about it, and if they think you’re right for the job it won’t put them off 😊 

Good luck for your interview! 
Becky x 


Job Interview

So I have a job interview with the NHS and after reading the Macmillan website it seems I have to disclose the fact I’ve had cancer as it counts as a disability?  I didn’t realise this was the case and didn’t disclose in my original application.  Im pretty sure they won’t want to employ someone that could potentially be off sick again? Has anyone had any experience with this?