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Life insurance claim


Re: Life insurance claim

Hi Jackie.

Hope you are doing ok. 😊. Really pleased you got a pay out. I have my letters from surgery that say invasive so am going to send copies of those too. I’m already stressing about going on to half pay so would certainly help if claim upheld. Mines with Scottish Widows.

will keep you informed 😊

Mel xx


Re: Life insurance claim

Hi Mel . I had a policy for critical illness which paid out . I believe the words they are looking for are invasive.,My policy paid out quite quick was with Aviva . Not something I thought I would ever have to use . But definitely takes financial pressure off . Good luck . Let me know how you get on . Jackie xxx


Life insurance claim

Hi everyone


I am currently undergoing treatment for grade 2 IDC and am awaiting results from surgery to see if I need chemo or not. Will def be having radiotherapy and hormone therapy.

i have contacted my life insurance today as have critical illness cover. They have started a claim but I’m not sure if I will receive a pay out or not.

Wondered what other people’s experiences had been?

Thanks Mel