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Menopause and Fatigue


Re: Menopause and Fatigue

I finished radiotherapy in Sept, returned to work too quickly and was off with fatigue again. Have now returned on phased return but it is difficult. I have been referred to Homeopathic consultant and am now on Kali Phos, which appears to be helping.


i am finding life post treatment hard. Unsure if it is down to the effects Tamoxifen or just body healing. I called the Breast Nurse Team and they have been very helpful. Don‘t suffer in silence ask for help.


Hope things improve for you. 


Menopause and Fatigue

Hi all. I was diagnosed with TNBC Jan 2018, had surgery, chemo and radiotherapy finishing dec 2018. I got back to work in May 2019 but found i had to reduce my hours due to fatigue. This was ok till Sept when the company went under and i had to look for new job. I started working from home full time few months ago but im really struggling with fatigue. I found myself crying yesterday as was so tired and ended up phoning in sick. Not good in new job. I havent told anyone in new job about my health as thought i would be ok. I think i need to have a chat and maybe ask to reduce my hours. I think fatigue could be from treatments as well as menopause that started after chemo. 

Any advice on what i should do at work and how to cope with menopause? My GP said I cant have HRT due to my previous breast cancer. Feeling so miserable today, new years eve x