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Occupational Health


Re: Occupational Health

Hi Lucy 51,


I take it this is with the occupational health dept where you work.


In my experience they will be looking to see when you might be able to go back to work, what adjustments you might need to help you go back and if they can support you in anyway.


I’ve been well supported by my OH throughout, there has been no pressure to go back but I understand my business can’t support me being off indefinitely. When I needed physio they offered to get me private physio ( I didn’t need to take them up on it ). I’m now going back but on reduced hours and lighter duties, they’ve advised me and my manager throughout what they thought would work best.


I’ve found them to be very supportive. I’m lucky I’m able to go back but if I hadn’t been able to they would also have assessed my fitness to work and would have been involved in decisions about ill health pensions.


Cancer is covered by the Equality act ( used to be the disability discrimination act ) so they will be aware they need to be supportive and more lenient over how much time you take out for sickness and appointments.


I wouldn’t worry, I’m sure it’s routine but remember if at any stage you feel uncomfortable you can leave and rearrange when you can have your union or a representative with you.


Stay strong, keep your chin up and don’t worry xx Melanie 


Occupational Health


just wondered if anyone has had to have an occupational health assessment and whether it is something I should be concerned about? 


KJ xx