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Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

What a load of utter rubbish !!! How do I upload a picture I'll prove it to you & take it to the her blooming show her 😡 That makes me SO MAD !!! Xxx

Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Lynn, I would loved to cold cap, but my Chemo Unit does not offer this. In fact the Dr was really dismissive of it and said it did not work. I felt like slapping her lol.

Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Hi Alex unblocker works a treat 😄 Have u considered cold cap I have done it & on 4th chemo out of 6 & lost little or no hair so if u can get it it's worth some thought (depends how determined you are 😄) but I feel it's helped my state of mind as I don't look any different & no-one wld know there was anything wrong with me plus I didn't want to worry my 13yr old daughter too much.

If u want any info please feel free to ask as many questions as you like lots of love Lynn ❤️❤️ Xxxxx

Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Hi Lynn,

you are right - there is much information re headscarves, etc out there.


Belle has posted some of her looks further down this thread, and she looks fantastic - and you night want to explore her blog - she is becoming quite famous for her 'head scarf looks'





Sue xx

Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Thanks Lynn, I will have a look. Still have all my hair as the moment, as chemo was postponed due to problems after my ANC. I'm due at hospital tomorrow, so fingers crossed I'm good to go with it!
I have your Unblocker juice at the ready lol. Have already tried it and it definitely worked. x

Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Hi Alex go on u tube there is great ideas for trying headscarfs in all different ways & Google look good feel great it's a site showing make up tips tying scarfs lots of things & if u have a maggies close by they do classes & give away freebies worth a look. Lots of love Lynn xxx

Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

I love the looks!


Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Sonyacheet I am being treated at the Christie also. Where are you up too with your treatment?

Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Hi again,

yes I am an 'older' person - here is how I go from chemo patient to style statement in about 10 minutes.

It is simply done with a tinted BB cream, liquid airbrush concealer for the eye area, warm rose coloured blusher, neutral matt (taupe) eye shadows/2 complimentary colours, brown eye liner, brown/black lash multiplying mascara and lip liner - that is all..........

1.jpgthe chemo patient 2.jpgcovered in BB cream

3.jpgand airbrush concealer applied all over the eye area

4.jpgthe difference just eye liner can make

6a.jpgrose coloured blusher in the hollow of your cheek - or where it would be

5.jpg two tones of eye shadow - one all over and one in the socket

6.jpgbrown eyeshadow applied to brow

7.jpghey presto - mascara going on

8.jpgand here is my non chemo face

10.jpg11.jpg no longer a chemo patient!!!


hoping it helps you to see and believe - you are still beautiful - chemo will never change that - you might just have to help nature in a very simple way.



Sue xx


Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Hi ladies,

hoping everyone is doing as well, as they can do!.

The sun is out, down here in the south east anyway - and I am just recovering from the cumulation of fatigue after third FEC treatment. Day 6, lol - back upwards again.

The cumulation of fatigue really hit meyesterday - a 95 year old would have beaten me walking - easily!

Initially distressing, as I felt so helpless and my limbs, let alone my brain - were not my own, lol. But when accepting that the body and fatigue have simly taken over the day - it actually felt quite relaxing in the end. I did not have to make up any excuse to myself, why I could not do something.

Preparation of food - and making sure you have everything close by - might be a really good idea, as you approach this point. It may affect everyone a little different though.

I keep having the oddest cravings - I made up some of these as a treat, just before all went 'pear shaped' - and they keep well in the fridge - 


No-bake gingery mixed berry cheesecake

makes about 4

400g frozen mixed berries -  you could use any summer fruit fresh, macerated with a bit of sugar
4 tbs cassis liqueur - or ginger drink, such as Rochester (Holland & Barratt) if you prefer
1 packet of Ginger biscuits
250 g Quark (Tesco)
100 g Greek Yogurt (Total)
4 tbs clear honey
4 tbs Rochester Dark Ginger
4 large tumbler glasses

Put the frozen fruit into a bowl and add the cassis. Mix and leave to thaw.
Crush the biscuits, add the Rochester Dark Ginger, add more, if necessary to moist all of the crumb and divide equally between the tumblers.
Stir together Greek yogurt and Quark and sweeten with the honey.
Spoon into glasses, cover with cling film and store in fridge for 1 hour or until serving.
Stir the thawed fruit, drain off juice (delicious to drink) and spoon over the top of the cheesecake just before serving.

This recipe can easily be adjusted for different fruit/liqueurs, etc. You might even like to add some lemon zest to the cheese cake mixture - why not have some fun trying out?

Bon appétit !




Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks


definitely one for me to do on Friday/Saturday before the fatigue sets in again.

Sound absolutely yummy - and great to nibble!


Sue xx

Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

During my first FEC I struggled with awful nausea which I found eating little and often helped to keep it to bearable levels.  Ginger became my best friend so in order to be prepared for my second dose, I've been looking out ginger recipes.  These two look like they're going to be hits:


Pear & Ginger Muffins

75g Butter

75g Light Muscovado sugar

2 eggs, beaten

2 pears, peeled, cored & diced

2.5cm stem ginger, finely chopped

zest 1 lemon

4 tbsp milk

175g natural yogurt

175g self-raising flour

1tbsp ground ginger


  1. Heat oven to 200c/gas 6.  Oil/line a 12 hole deep muffin tin.  
  2. Place butter & sugar in a bowl.  Beat until light & fluffy.  Gradually beat in eggs.  Stir in pears, stem ginger and lemon zest.  
  3. Mix the milk into the yogurt.  Mix the flour with the ginger.  Stir a little of the milk mix into the butter mix, then stir a little of the flour mix into the butter mix.  Repeat until all the ingredients are used up.  Be careful not to over mix.  
  4. Spoon into muffin tin.  Bake for 40mins till golden.  Serve warm.


Ginger Flapjacks

250g butter

200g light muscovado sugar

5 tbsp golden syrup

300g oats

140g plain flour

50g desiccated coconut

For the icing:

175g butter

200g icing sugar

4tbsp golden syrup

2tbsp groung ginger

few chunks of crystalised ginger


  1. Heat oven to 200c/gas 6.  Butter & line a 20-21cm baking tin with baking parchment.  Gently melt together the butter sugar & syrup in a large pan.  Tip in the oats, flour & coconut and mix well.  Press mixture into the tin evenly.  Bake for 30mins until golden and crisping.  
  2. To make the icing, put the butter, icing, syrup & ground ginger in a small pan and heat gently, stirring till all melted together.  Pour straight over the flapjacks, scatter with crystalised ginger and cool in the tin.



B x


Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Hi Alex,

Thank you for the compliment! You're absolutely right, for me, the fear was definitely worse than the reality. Taking charge was imperative for me so I shaved it as soon as it began falling. And I didn't have a clue about tying scarves etc beforehand. I quite like the baldness although since the wind changed direction it is definitely colder!

Post a pic when you're sorted 🙂

B x

Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Gosh, you are so organised and seem to know so much about the headwear. I feel I won't have a clue when it comes to tying/ wearing correctly. But I suppose once I order and receive them, I can start playing about with them. I was a wee but concerned they would make my head really small as I have quite a bit of hair. I see you can buy headbands to maybe put on first and then scarf/ bandana on top. I'm going to get ordering here, as starting to feel a bit nervous about not being prepared.
You look great in all the pics you've posted after your hair loss. How do you feel about it all? I'm hoping the fear of the Unknown is worse than the reality. X

Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Hi Alex,

So glad you found it! My brain has fried a little - heavy weekend with my mate 😄 so all in a good cause but having trouble with little things like functioning now!

There's already one row of velcro attached to the fringe so you actually only need the soft bit of the velcro. But I ended up ordering the double self adhesive from Amazon (https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B016ZMMX3S/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 this one) as it was cheaper than just getting the soft bit.

Just as another scarf option, I got the one in the picture and some others from The India Shop - cheap & cheerful and they throw in free ties if you order three: http://www.theindiashop.co.uk/index.php?route=product/category&path=64

Have a look at the 'Pink Scarf & Fake Fringe by Sara' video on cancerhaircare.com http://cancerhaircare.com/page/talking-heads-tv/83 It's towards the bottom of the page, row 6 on my screen. Really helpful demo of how to put it on.

Sorry to hear you've been rough. Hope you're on the up now.

B x

Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Belle, it was me who had asked you the other night about the fringes and you said you would post a pic when you got sorted. I love that look. I'm definitely ordering one tonight! I was having a look around a few sitesfor scarves, bandanas etc, but hadn't ordered, as had had a rubbish few days with pain after ANC last week, so will get on it tonight. Where did you order Velcro tape? Would it be double sided then, so it sticks to fringe and then headscarf?
Thanks so much for posting pic. X

Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

What a fabulous idea Belle!


Hugs Sue xxx

Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Hi all,


I decided to get a wig fringe to give myself another option in the head covering department.  I was a bit sceptical at first but I have to say, having had a bit of a play, I think I'm a convert!  It may be down to my head scarf phase in my teens but this look feels very familiar to me.  Lots of companies do fringe wigs.  I got mine from Wigs 4 U http://www.wigs4u.co.uk/pages/headwear/details.asp?inventory_id=1020&origUrl=/pages/headwear/index.a... and the hardest thing was picking out an appropriate colour online.  The one I ended up with is darker than my natural hair but not a bad match.  It comes with a velcro band that can be stuck into place with velcro tape (which I've just ordered online).  That would certainly give more security but I found by tying my scarf tightly, I was quite happy to just tuck the fringe into place.  On the whole, it's probably not something I'd bother with everyday, but I like it as an option and I'd be happier wearing this than my proper wig.  Definitely gives an illusion of hair.




Hope that helps,


B x

Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Hi lightfootpatricia,

You may want to join the June thread - as that is where most are, who are at your stage of treatment. It is a fab lively thread - much support and great sharing of experiences. I am just preparing for Chemo 3 next week. I had a lobular invasive, but is it gone now, so my treatment is to make sure it does not come back.


The cold cap purely helps those, who would like to keep as much of their hair as possible. It does not work for all.

It does not reduce any other side effects of chemo, unfortunately.

As you have already started your chemo, starting with it now may not make much of a difference with respect of keeping your hair. It also adds about 3 hours to the time you spend in the unit.

Hope this helps and to see you on the June thread.


Sue x 

Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Hi lightfootpatricia

I am doing cold cap I am assuming u had it On for 1st chemo ? I am away to have my 3rd on Monday & I have lost little or no hair👍 I wld stress that make sure it's touching every part of ur head or u will get bald patches, it has to be tight. Also invest in a wet brush (£5 Amazon) also once a week b4 u wash it massage Argan oil into scalp & brush thru yr hair leave on all night & wash in Argan shampoo & conditioner again Amazon. . During chemo yr scalp doesn't produce oil so yr hair will become very dry, lifeless, dull & brittle doing this regime keeps yr hair soft shiny & manageable & a must or it can mat & snap off ... If u haven't cold capped for 1st chemo it's too late to start now unfortunately. If u need anymore info just give me a shout

Good luck love Lynn xxx

Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

I am about to have my second lot of chemo. Got invasive breast cancer. I've been told that wearing  a cold cap reduces the effect of the chemo. Not sure about this one. What do you think.

Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Inspiring ! 

met this lady today whilst waiting to go into my oncologist appointment.

Glitter body make up in her new regrowing hair and semi permanent eyebrow tattoos.

She is a triple- and has just finished her active treatment. She gave me permission to photograph her and to publish her photograph on this forum - as encouragement to others.

You can find her on @FizzySnood on Twitter. Really worth having a look!!! 


Tripple_ Lady.jpg


Sue xxx

Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

The Wig....


As many of of you are in the market for one of these amazing things it may be an idea to give you a 'heads up'

on this subject. If you already have one, there will be a handy tip at the end.

Not to make the post too long I am just posting the links to various information -

Types of wig construction - for us it is monofilament and or lace front, depening on the hairstyle. More expensive, but much, much more comfortanble.


You can buy wigs on line - BTW - VAT FREE!!! For us ladies...., but you would need to know your size

To measure your head for a wig, use a cloth tape measure that has not been stretched for accuracy.
  1. Forehead to Nape. Start the tape from the center of the front of your hairline, to the hairline at the nape of the neck. ...
  2. Ear to Ear. ...
  3. Circumference. ...
  4. Temple to Temple

This is a great site for wigs - it is were I found mine, but I had bought it via a wig fitter to ensure the colour was as close as possible to my own and then had my hairdresser adjust it a little bit.


So here is what a monofillament wig looks like, which has a lace front -


Wig 1.jpg


Now to the other stuff. I noticed and became concious about the bits just above my ears sort of sticking out a bit, plus some minor movement. It made me fiddle with the wig - and in front of strangers, that may just be a givaway.

So I found these, asnd cut them down to stick where the wig is lifting  little. No more fiddling - safe as houses.


Although this one is currently not available - you can search for them.

Wig 2.jpg


Sue xxx





Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Hi Belle,


Lol - you look absolutely stunning - and so fabulous to see on this forum.

It will be, I am sure such a great support to tke some of the fear away from those, who are still having to face this.


I thought you were a teenager! - In mind and heart, if nothing else!






Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

OK first up, I apologise, but this post is going to have several pictures in.  My hair began falling out properly yesterday (Day 11 first FEC) so I got it shaved off.  Actually found it quite liberating in the end.  My reason for posting is that up until this happened I'd been in a quandry about what to do re head coverings.  I think I just couldn't envisage it.  So, I got a wig, collected some scarves and played about yesterday and today.  I am generally pretty rubbish at all things girly and really dislike fuss so basically if I can manage the following after minimal effort and nil practise, anyone can.  Hope it helps.


B x



ps, Honestly, all these selfies - I feel like a teenager!!! 😄

Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Hi Belle,


simply fabulouse and so encouraging for those of us wanting to look well, whilst going through this.

Really appreciated.


I sported the British look today, lol. And I rather like my fuzzy 10%. And despite all - so glad I did not cold cap. I so admire the ladies, who do.


These pictures were taken today Day 10 post 2nd FEC - it is amazing what difference a little tinted moisurizer, nude eye shadow and mascara can do.....Definitely NOT a chemopatient look!


                               DAy 10 post 2 1906_2.jpgDAy 10 post 2 1906.jpg


Hugs, Sue x



Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

This looks like it could be a great find for this thread:




It's a youtube channel called Baldly Beautiful by Andrea Pellegrini.  She's a make up artist being treated for breast cancer and she's done a series of video demonstrations.  I've not watched them all yet but the ones I have look brilliant.


B x

Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

While rummaging throught the t'interweb, I found this site which seems to have a mass of information on all things related to chemo and hair:


Hope it's useful


B x

Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Still more on nails....


Keeping them natural, rather than using nail varnish - which I intend to do, as I cannot be bothered with the faffing about having to deal with chipped varnish....


Being very aware that we have to look after them, avoiding metal or harsh tools, to ensure we do not injure our cuticles, etc - I have today worked with these -


Kaeso Manicure Nail Buffing Cream (Paraben free - I checked, most are not) and my favourite chamois covered nail buffer. If you google Nail Buffer Chamois you should be able to find one and it should be between £3 - £4

                                                       nail buffer.JPG

This buffer has no sharp edges, which is great - and it slides cross the cuticles and therefore massages them, too. The buffing surface being made of natural material - so much gentler...


Natural looking shiny and healthy nails!


Sue x



Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Keeping your nails


Retaining your nails throughout chemotherapy may well depend on your specific regime as well as age and general state of health.

There is anecdotal evidence out there telling us that painting our nails dark is going to be helpful. However, there is also anecdotal evidence to the contrary.

Certainly - having your nails varnished dark is going to protect them from UV - which we are much more suspetible to, as well as any ridges or discolouration, which may be due to treatment.

Here is a link for general recommedations



For quick reference here is an excerpt


  • f you'd like to wear nail polish, consider using a water-based polish. Conventional nail polishes may contain chemicals to harden and stabilize them that are considered toxic. If your nails are very dry or falling off, you might want to consider a nail moisturizer instead of polish.
  • Dry nails can become weaker or more brittle during chemotherapy treatment. To take off polish, use a remover that doesn't contain acetone, ethylacetate, or other harsh solvents. There are gentle removers specifically for water-based nail polish.
  • Don't use acrylics or other nail wraps. Fake nails can trap bacteria that may cause infection.
  • If you have a professional manicure, bring your own instruments, regardless of how the salon cleans theirs. Remember, your nails can look great with no polish at all. Ask the salon technician to buff them (bring your own buffer) to a beautiful shine. END QOTE

Hope it is of help


S xx






Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Thanks Sue,


While rummaging on t'interweb myself I found this article which was interesting: http://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2012/jul/27/paraben-free-beauty-product-review


And I looked into M&S make up too.  Quite a few of their range are parabens free but not all so laborious checking is in order.  Which is annoying *sigh*  I'm not much of a perfume girl so didn't check those, but it would be nice if they shouted about the parabens free products which they don't seem to.


B x

Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Hi Sue,


Thanks for this information. It is a good reminder. I find having cuticle creams and oils and hand creams in different places around the home reminds me to use them.  I have a range but L'Occitane hand creams are my favourite! 



Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Paraben Free Nailcare


After number 2 on FEC I have noticed that we really do need to take care of our cuticles.

So went out to search for paraben free cuticle oils/creams

Marks and Spencer seems to be one of the easier accessible go to places as they have a number of these - Cuticle Serum

Elderflower Cuticle Oil

Burts Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream


M & S Pure range is paraben free


Aveeno Hand cream

Nivea Pure and Natural hand lotion

L'Occitane  for a treat - is also paraben free


S xx

Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Hi Belle,

This is not as easy as one may think. Many companies have some or most products paraben free, Such as Clarins, Clinique, etc. If in doubt - take your magnifying glass and look at the ingredients list. Challenging though with eyeliners, eyeshadows, etc. I was surprised to find out that The Body Shop, for example, has no policy towards being Paraben free and not all of their products are.

Paraben free cosmetics also means paying that little bit extra, as they have to replace the lower cost preservative with a more expensive ingredient to ensure longevity of the product. Here are some companies, who are paraben free - I have added their specific statements to qualify why I named them...

Aveda - Hair care products and cosmetics "At Aveda, we are guided by a fundamental philosophy where health and safety are our first priorities. Delivering a microbiologically safe product to our network is one of our most important commitments. Aveda's mission and principles, on which the company was founded, have always steered us toward preferring pure flower and plant essences to petrochemicals. Because the Company constantly targets and tracks expanded use of plant-derived content in its formulas, Aveda actively researched plant-based alternatives to parabens and no longer manufacture any products formulated with parabens."

Bare Minerals - Make up and Skin care "As a company we have made a strong commitment to not use Parabens in our products. There may be very limited products, which have been discontinued, still available at some points of distribution but supplies are very limited."

Dr Hauschka - skincare products  "You can count on our products being free from synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives, mineral oils, parabens, silicones and PEG."

Weleda - skincare and fragrance - this company has certification from www.natrue.com, which means:

"Natural cosmetics are not always natural cosmetics. NaTrue is the first internationally recognised quality seal for organic and natural cosmetics and thus creates clarity in the label ‘jungle’. Any products featuring the label of NaTrue guarantee the highest standards. It certifies Natural and organic ingredients Sustainable production process Environmentally-friendly practices No synthetic fragrances or dyes no silicone oils, No ingredients from petrochemicals No animal testing No irradiation of end products or herbal ingredients. Each product is inspected by independent certification companies and the non-profit organisation NaTrue monitors the quality of the criteria. The first Weleda products, featuring the NaTrue label came on the market in the spring of 2009.

Zao - make up range " Certified organic by Ecocert, this brand is free from all toxic chemicals including parabens, instead using micronised silver as a preservative."

Perfumes - it may well be worth looking at Marks & Spencer fragrances, the ones I looked at were all paraben free and if you check them on their web site - they state all of the ingredients.



Hope this is of help

Sue xxx

Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Hi all,


I've just had a quick look through and it hasn't been very thorough, but I can't see any parabens free make up recommendations.  Have there been any?  I'm looking at getting some and have been recommended The Green People https://www.greenpeople.co.uk/shop/by-product/organic-make-up but they don't have a huge range (and no eye liner or eyebrow pencils at all?!)  Can anyone recommend any other companies?



B x

Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Hi all,


I don't know how many of you have access to a Complementary Service but I thought I'd suggest asking for a referral if at all possible.  I've already had two sessions of reflexology which have been fabulous but were both before I started chemo.  Now that I'm into treatment, they are focussing on specific symptom control too.  So I have just collected two 'sniffer' sticks (think Vicks inhalers only without the Vicks!) with different mixes of aromatherapy oils for nausea.  One has grapefruit, ginger and peppermint, the other has orange and spearmint.  The idea is to use them whenever I feel sick and see which works the best.  At first sniff I'm favouring the the first but we shall see.  My next appointment is a week today when we'll evaluate them and I'll get a full body massage too.


Brilliant service, hope you can all access something similar.


B x

Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Hi again....


hope everyone is doing well. Have been doing some reading again - and thought this might be of interest to some of you - 


Many of us may be struggling with the menopausal symptoms, due to our treatments and hoping to relieve them with supplements and other methods - so this may be of interest 


This is is a short excerpt from NICE guidelines with respect to breast cancer treatment


QUOTE - Soy (isoflavone), red clover, black cohosh, vitamin E and magnetic devices are not recommended for the treatment of menopausal symptoms in women with breast cancer. - END QUOTE


So, should you really struggle, if might be well worth discussing with your treatment team and your GP, so they can help you. After all - we do not need anything else on top of our chemo challenge.



Sue xxx 

Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks





Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Yes you can look ok! Day 4 after second FEC chemo -


15 minutes from Chemo patient to seeing a business client -


13_6_16 No make up.jpg13_06_16 make up.jpg13_06_16 and wig.jpg


Sue xxx



Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Thanks Sue, I must admit this has been a recent concern for me too, but the Cancer Research link has put it in perspective for me. I will still try and avoid parabens, but not obsess over it

Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Good points, well made, Sue.  


For me, the avoidance of parabens and SLS is as much about the environment as the fact that I'm ER+  They do not biodegrade and damage wildlife.  As I spend much time onboard a narrowboat where my shower water & washing up water goes directly into the canal, this is a concern for me.  


I have become more diligent about this since being diagnosed and now use these products at home too but as you say it is personal choice and certainly not something to panic about.  The Cancer Research UK link you posted is very helpful I thought.


B x

Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Parabens – Reality check - AND this is a long post!!!


Right ladies – done some extensive research on this – and tried to find most recent research. If you have the will and stamina -  read yourself through this –  

It seems to me that all of us, who have ER+ receptors ought to consider, whether to avoid Parabens or not. It is our individual decision – I hope below will be of help to make the right one for you.  


This link might also be of interest - http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/about-cancer/causes-of-cancer/cancer-controversies/cosmetics-and-toi...


What are parabens and what are they used for in cosmetics?

QUOTE -The most common parabens used in cosmetic products are methylparaben, propylparaben, and butylparaben. Typically, more than one paraben is used in a product, and they are often used in combination with other types of preservatives to provide preservation against a broad range of microorganisms.15 Dec 2014 – end QUOTE

My main source -


Good luck – very scientific

Below – excerpts and some details to understand the most important phrases.

Estrogen – [Wikipedia] -  (American English) or oestrogen (Commonwealth English) is the primary female sex hormone. It is responsible for the development and regulation of the female reproductive system and secondary sex characteristics. Estrogen may also refer to any substance, natural or synthetic, that mimics the effects of the natural hormone. The steroid 17β-estradiol is the most potent and prevalent endogenous estrogen, although several metabolites of estradiol also have estrogenic hormonal activity. Synthetic estrogens are used as part of some oral contraceptives, in estrogen replacement therapy for postmenopausal women…

Like all steroid hormones, estrogens readily diffuse across the cell membrane. Once inside the cell, they bind to and activate estrogen receptors (ERs) which in turn modulate the expression of many genes. Additionally, estrogens bind to and activate rapid-signalling membrane estrogen receptors (mERs), such as GPER (GPR30).

If you really want to know more about Estrogens – just look it up on Wikipedia……. 


In Vitro - (of a process) performed or taking place in a test tube, culture dish, or elsewhere outside a living organism.

In Vivo - (of processes) performed or taking place in a living organism.

17β-estradiol - Estradiol, or more precisely, 17β-estradiol, is a steroid and estrogen sex hormone, and the primary female sex hormone.




3.2.1 Data described in previous SCCP opinions

Two previous SCCP opinions (SCCP/0873/05, SCCP/0874/05) describe and discuss a

number of in vitro and in vivo studies. A recombinant yeast estrogen screen showed

parabens to be able to bind to the estrogen receptor, to activate genes controlled by these

receptors, to stimulate cell growth and to increase the level of estrogen receptor protein.

The estrogenic potency in vitro was shown to increase with increasing length of the linear

alkyl chain and with increased branching of the alkyl chains, resulting in the following

potency ranking order: methyl- < ethyl- < propyl- < butyl- < isobutylparaben. The potency,

however, remained at all times 1,000 to 1,000,000 times below the potency of 17β-

estradiol. p-Hydroxybenzoic acid (PHBA), the common metabolite of all parabens, was

inactive in the in vitro assays presented in the 2005 opinion.

The in vivo estrogenic activities of parabens have been tested in uterotrophic assays

employing female rodents, either immature or adult ovariectomised, after oral,

subcutaneous or dermal administration. Butylparaben appeared to be more potent than

propyl-, ethyl- and methylparaben, and again the values remained several magnitudes of

order below the potency of 17β-estradiol.

Conflicting results, however, were reported for PHBA tested in vivo. One study claimed that

it had no estrogenic effect, whereas another study gave potency values 1000-fold below the

17β-estradiol level (EFSA 2004, Anonymous 2004, Paulsen and Alexander 2003).

In summary, the in vitro data and in vivo rodent test results up to 2005 indicated that

parabens can exert estrogenic activity, but with potency values that are 3 to 6 orders of

magnitude lower than the potency of the positive control 17β-estradiol. The estrogenic

activity of parabens appears to increase with increasing chain length.


EXCERPT: Sub conclusion 1:

In vitro studies show the potential of endocrine modifying effects of parabens,

with estrogenic activity as a function of chain length. PHBA, the common

metabolite does not seem to exhibit endocrine modifying effects. 


To me personally – this means I do not need to panic, should Parabens be used in cosmetics, however – of course – I shall avoid them, if feasible.

My reasoning - There are so many ‘estrogens’ floating about in our foods drinks and supplements, etc., which we may not even recognise. They are naturally occurring, such as in Soya, Maca root, etc. – so I am not sure whether the culmination may just elevate the level of reaction to them.




Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Hi again,


Also found these, as I am not a fan of turbans and my head tends to be too small for pre tied stuff.


I also like the more elegant look - especially having had long hair.


Scarf 1.JPG


Scarf 2.JPG



Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

HI Ladies,


hoping you are all doing ok - And as you may wish to experiment with scarves, especially as you may not have a Headstong Service near you - as it is in my case -


Here is a great website with tutorials! And any srafe will do - just do not use silk or organza - tool slippery to hang onto your head when all is gone - cotton and cotton mixes tend to be just fine.






Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Thanks Sue x

Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Hi again ladies,


did some exploring as to sunscreens -



The safe mineral sun-blocking ingredients are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, and they work by reflecting the sun's rays instead of being absorbed into our bloodstreams (as chemical sunscreens are). While both zinc and titanium are photo-stable, the Environmental Working Group prefers zinc because it provides slightly more protection from UVA rays (the scarier, aging kind that we beauty obsessives really stress about). Another reason to prefer zinc is because the absorption of trace amounts of titanium can cause serious internal stress and inflammation. This is a concern with the prevalence of titanium nanoparticles, which allow many mineral sunscreen formulas to go on clear instead of white. END QUOTE


So looked for those and without Parabens, etc. and as chemical free as possible - here is a list:


Lavanila The Healthy Sun Screen SPF 40 Face Cream - available via Amazon

DeVita Natural Skin Care Solar Protective Moisturizer SPF 30 - available via Amazon

Suntegrity “5 in 1” Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen SPF 30  - available via Amazon

Banana Boat Natural Reflect Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50- available via Amazon


Sue xxx


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Thought this might be useful for anyone considering cold cap

Press question mark to see available shortcut keys

Lynn WadlandPublic

Keeping My Hair Through Chemo

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Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Well 2nd chemo on Monday what a carry on meant to start 9.30am started at 12 !! Got bloods taken thurs turns out my liver function had rocketed from normal 32 b4 1st chemo to 232 b4 2nd chemo so they had to do it again Monday morning wait for an hr to get bloods bk it had dropped to 112 still above average best range is 32-80 bit thankfully they went ahead they then put cold cap on & gave me anti sickness tab & had to wait another hr for that to work b4 chemo started & had to then keep cap on for 90 mins after chemo finished ! What a long day got out at 4pm !! Felt ok but it hit at 10pm felt really awful cld hardly move felt really sick not bad y'day & as u can see from the time going to sleep at 7pm I'm up at 2am wide awake but feeling much better 👍 So turned a corner bk to bed later for me I think, hope everyone is doing ok 😄 Lots of love Lynn xxxx

Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Hi Sue,


What was the reasoning behind the zinc oxide advice?  I've been advised to avoid chemical suncreams as they included hormone disruptors and I'm ER+  Interesting article here: http://www.breastcancer.org/risk/factors/sunscreen


I had a bad experience with Neals Yard Lemongrass Sun Lotion so I'd avoid that unless you want everything to be stained bright yellow!  Instead I've gone for Green People Organic.  I couldn't get it in SPF50 but as there's only an increase of 1% protection between SPF 30 (97%) & 50 (98%) I decided I'd be ok. https://www.greenpeople.co.uk/beauty-hub/blog/discover-the-truth-about-spf50-sun-cream


It's so confusing when there's so much conflicting advice, isn't it?


B x

Re: Chemotherapy - Tips and Tricks

Hi again,


for those of you wanting to get some sun - 


I have been advised that we should use zinc oxide based suncreams.




Korres Tinted yogurt Sunscreen SPF 50

Clinique Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50

SkinCeuticals Sheer Mineral UV Defense SPF 50