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One year on


Re: One year on

Hi. I am the same as you - 61 and getting on with life but anxiously waiting for the letter from my first mammogram one year after mastectomy.  I have found myself obsessively looking at the NHS Predict on line site and working out my percentage chances at 5 and 10 years. I expect yours must be really good at stage 1 and no nodes because mine are good at stage 2 and 2 positive lymph nodes so if I feel wobbly I remind myself that my risk of recurrence is quite low.   I find it hard to get to sleep but I have stopped looking at my phone or tablet for a couple of hours before going to bed and I have started going to bed later when I am really sleepy so I am lying awake less now.  I do a lot of walking and have taken up swimming again so I am fitter than I was before BC. I don't suppose the fear will ever go away but I am hopeful that as time passes it will recede although it will get worse again when check ups are due.  Good luck with your follow up. I had mine in the wrong order with the check up first and mammogram 6 weeks later. The check up was fine and I am NED now to be confirmed by the mammogram so I am keeping my fingers crossed. We got through diagnosis and surgery so we are stronger and more resilient than we think x


One year on

Hi all. i havent posted for quite a while, I had a lumpectomy one year ago, stage one, lymph nodes clear, had radiotherapy, no chemo, prescribed Anastrazole. I'm 63. I had a rare type of stroke 11 years ago, made a complete recovery from that then got hit by the BC rollercoaster.I am resilient, fortunate to have a supportive partner, I am retired & partner still works full time.,i have good friends and keep busy, I joined the local Ramblers in the Summer and really enjoy it. One year on and I had the first mammogram yesterday, it had been on my mind for the past few wks and I havent been sleeping too well, was quite anxious at the clinic I went on my own, in and out very quickly and the radiographer was very synpathetic. I have realised that I have lost confidence in my own body, I was ambushed by BC and the fear of a recurrance never leaves you does it. Have to wait for letter now whether OK or not, have a follow up clinic next month and my husband is coming with me for that. Not sure how to deal with the fear of recurrence, any tips?