1 and half years after treatment suffer fateig

Im so tired all the time can sleep for England had blood test all fine but still so tired any advise please

Maybe an iron supplement ??

I relate to this very much.


I’m 64, but always always been active, walking everywhere, I don’t drive, out every day . . . . and sleep was always an inconvenience to me? Something that had to be done, when I felt that there must be far more interesting things to be getting on with . . .but these days, I am like a dormouse every evening.  Now to some people this may sound late, but to me, to fall asleep at 10 or 11 pm is just the pits !!  But I also wake up tired very often, having had the most dramatic and eventful dreams !!  Maybe it’s old age - and that’s what I’m finding hard to accept - or maybe still the ‘hangover’ from 20 zaps of radiotherapy last August.  I guess it must have some residual effect upon the rest of our bodies.  I hope you find an answer that works for you x