1 day to go

Hi All,

I don’t post often but I am found this site and you all very helpful. I go in Tuesday am for my pdm with immediate reconstruction and I wondered if there were any experiences or advice any of you would like to share?

Take care,


Hi Ems

Please feel free to call our helpline to talk through your upcoming surgery whilst you await replies, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays on 0808 800 6000

I am posting a link to the risk reducing surgery and reconstruction information which we have on this site which I hope you will find helpful:


Best wishes


Hi Ems
I was discharged from hospital only two weeks ago this Thursday from having mx with an immediate tug flap recon a week Before. So far I’ve been ok, blistering of my breast (not the flap, that is fine) where my mx surgeon had to go so close to the breast wall to clear me of cancer. This is now like a heavy graze and is dressed daily.
My donor skin is absolutely fine. My leg where I had the donor taken from, the scar is about 1inch from my bikini line and tight, so was walking very slowly, but have improved quickly.
Now I feel great, I want to do so much more than I am allowed. Not allowed to lift heavy things or Hoover. I still can’t stretch my arm fully and I can feel my chest tightens and pull which warns me not to do it.
if I’m honest I was absolutely petrified, it is turning out good, better than I could ever have imagined!
Just a course of radiotherapy to go now.

I hope this helps!
Take care and good luck to you.

Ems i hope your op went well and your well on the road to recovery x

Hi Tony,

You sound like you had a lot to get through but it is truely fantastic news that you have and you are feeling so well.
I hope you can find a suitable way to celebrate your last radio session and a surgery/treatment free future.

I have come through everything fairly well other than a few issues with my skin around the nipples. Like you I am feeling capable and have to keep reminding myself not to do much!!

I wish you all the best.


Thank you Lulu! It all went well and I am certainly walking on that road!xxxx

Great news mema xx