1 month after finding a lump its all happening so fast!

Hi everyone I’m new on here- hoping to find and give support on this windy road. I found a breast lump only 5 weeks ago (i’m 44) because i carry the BRCA2 gene defect i had a mammogram last year and check my breasts very regularly. i found the lump and made sure to see my GP the next day who referred me and i was seen by the consultant 2 weeks later- 1 week later my results confirmed a grade 3 invasive ductal carcinoma and i had a larger area of DCIS in that same breast. 5 days later i had a double mastectomy ( the genetic stuff meant that was really the best way forward) they did Sentinel lymh node biopsy at the time and found cancer cells so i’ve had the full axillay clearance on that side. that was only last week and i’m back for final results today. Its all happened so fast i don`t think i’ve really had chance for everything to sink in. I have been told that i will need chemotherapy and i guess i’ll knowmore later today- getting through the surgery was my worry but now i’m slowly mending i guess i’m pretty freaked out about what happens next.

  It seems there are so many different stories and experiences and it would be good to see what others are dealing with and how they are coping.

Hi Meeshy8

Welcome to the forum.  I’m sure you’ll find lots of support on here from other members.

If you do need chemotherapy you may find it helpful to join one of the chemo monthly threads.  I’ve attached a link for the August group for you to have a look at:


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Hi Meeshy8, how did you get on with your appointment ,getting results is so anxiety provoking.I hope you have a clear idea of what happens next at least.There are lots of ladies who have experience of chemotherapy on the Forum and many other about to start.If you post on one of the chemotherapy threads you will get a lot if advice and support.

Well I’m so happy it’s happening fast for you. My treatment is slow in my opinion. I got my MRI results on 6 August and need another ultrascan and biopsy on my other breast as its shown up something suspicious.  Well my ultrascan will be on 19 August and I’ll get results on 3 September. It’s funny because when you find a lump or change in your breasts you’re advised to go to gp asap. My left breast has invasive lobula cancer and feels like it’s getting bigger each day the mass is already 5 cm. maybe they are waiting for it to spread to my lymph nodes. Sorry I’m so depressed and don’t feel like they give a toss. Unfortunately I’ve got plenty of time to think, especially when I’m waiting over two hours to see a consultant. I’m considering leaving it to chance. I just don’t want to be in any pain. But I am sincerely happy that you are having a better experience than me.

Hi Meeshy8. How did it go?

How are you feeling now? Are you healing better? x

Fingers crossed for you xx