1 out 0f 3 nodes positive may have further surgery to auxiliary - panicking about this

Been 3 weeks since surgery and found out yesterday that 1 of the 3 lymph nodes taken showed sign of cancer. Options I have now are finding out if I’m menopausal or peri. I just don’t know, my gynaecologist doesn’t know. Had blood test to find out. 

If I’m still peri will have to have more surgery to remove auxiliary nodes, has anyone else had this? 

If I’m menopausal then radiotherapy to arm, which I will be having to breast anyway.

Also probably have adjuvant chemo.

Feel like I’ve gone 10 steps back and it’s really knocked me down back to all the anxious feelings


Hi Cazy , I’ve replied to you on your other post .Hope you are feeling less anxious now , it’s such a difficult time the first few weeks after diagnosis.  

Hi @Cazy214 

I know your message is a little bit older but today i am in your shoes when you wrote it.

Well actually i had my clearance today and already fretting over the results.

Just keep reminding myself life is transient and no feeling remains the same so hopefully we will both have better feelings to come???

Ps i think im still out of it i don’t think ive ever used phrases like that haha