1 year on and........

I was dx last May,had WLE chemo + rads finishing at the end of January.

But I’ve noticed a nipple discharge (clear) and some skin puckering in the last few weeks.

I’ve phoned the breast cancer nurse and she tells me that it’s unlikely to be a seroma and has made an appointment with the surgeon next week.

Any ideas? I’m trying not to worry.


Hello Mal

Being nearly a year since I was dx (4 june) I just wanted to say that I hope all goes well with the surgeon next week, its a worrying time as we get near to that anniversary of dx, I finished rads at the beg on Feb so you are not too much ahead of me.

I had a nipple discharge but it was bloody and no skin changes at all.

I hope someone comes along soon who might be able to help and wish you well for a good outcome.

P xx

Oh Mal,

it must be such a worry. Good luck with the appointment.

take care


Hi Mal

I recall us talking last year when you were starting your chemo - we were both on the same arm of the TACT 2 Trial although I was finishing as you were starting.

I’ve no idea about the significance of the discharge from your nipple but wish you the very, very best. Waiting for results the second time round is the pits - I feel for you very much.

I hope you manage a good bank holiday weekend and good luck with tests and results.

Best wishes

Gill x

HI Mal

I’m slightly ahead of you, dx in April 08, WLE chemo + rads finished end Nov 08. I had skin tethering involved in my original lump, so was very worried to see some puckering around my nipple a few weeks ago. I’ve just seen the surgeon and had my 1st annual mammogram and it is all clear. I’m told it’s damage from the rads (I had 30 made up of 25 + 5 boosters, all of which involved the nipple. I didn’t have any discharge at all, but I hope yours is the same as mine, rads damage.

Keep us informed

I had discharge from my nipple when I was getting chemo and still have swelling on one side of the nipple most days. have had a mammogram and ultra-scan and they have found nothing at all so keep your fingers crossed you’ll be same!
Try not to worry its probably nothing!!?? I know easy to say but not so easy to do!!!
Good luck
Kaye x

Many thanks for all your replies ladies.

As you all appreciate it’s so so hard going back into the whirlwind of tests etc. Try as you may to think positive and push the negative thoughts to the back of your mind they find their way through - don’t they?

I’m so glad you had the all clear Kinden and I will hang onto the thought of rads damage.

Gill, I remember our talks last year as well. Hope you are keeping OK and getting on with life again.

We are taking a couple of our grandchildren away for a few days tomorrow. They are great for keeping body and mind busy!

Have a lovely bank holiday and thanks once again. I’ll let you know the outcome.

Mal x

can I add my crossed fingers and best wishes for a good outcome to this. The ladies above seem to have experienced similar things and been ok. I hope you will be with them in this and have a fab time with the littles
Lily x

Just thought I’d update.

Doc isn’t worried about the discharge - thinks it’s fluid.

The puckering (orange peel effect) - could be cancer or the results of rads.

So tests looming and will have to wait for the results.

Don’t worry he says…

Mal x

So much love to you Mal as you go through the tests and await results. It’s much harder the second time around. Do keep us all informed as to how you are - really thinking of you!

Gill x

Wishing you all the very best results, keeping fingers crossed for you and hope the waiting isn’t too long.

P xx

All the best mal-I had the 'orange peel’effect after rads.It lasted about 18months and was over an area of lymphoedema.Thankfully both have gone now.

Thanks ladies.

As you say Gillian, so much harder second time around.

Have been so positive, re-assessed work etc and just negotiated an early retirement package. Finishing this summer. Am looking forward to to travelling and spending time with grandkids.

Waiting now!

I see you are also waiting Gillian. Just when we’re getting our life back… It’s the pits. Good luck.

Peacock, you were going thro’ rads at the same time - I think. Hope you are OK?

Mal x

Hi Mal, best of luck to you, keep your chin up, we are all thinking about you. I was diagnosed on the 11 June 08, so it is nearly 1 year on for me, what a year. I hope you enjoy your retirement and doing loads of different things with your grandchildren. Take care junieliz


I really hope this turns out to be nothing and that you get to enjoy travelling and spending time with your grandchildren. What an absolute bummer given you’ve really thought about how you want to spend your time and negotiated your early retirement.

So when do you start having tests and when can you expect some results? It’s dire going through it all over again - a sense of familiarity and fear but hopefully better results this time round!

Am thinking of you!

Gill x

Thanks ladies

Yes I’d re-assessed my priorities and realised that I’d spent too long concentrating on work! Had been offered a post as Company Secretary for a consultancy company but realised that I’m really ‘not up to it’. Sick… It was such a brilliant opportunity, a day a month and four meetings a year. Good salary etc etc

Trying not to worry - wasn’t last night but early morning my head was all over the place. As I said to my hubbie ‘it’s typical. Just got retirement sorted and there’s a blot on the horizon’.

Just have to wait for test dates etc. Really hope you’re all doing OK.

Mal x

PS Must change my photo. It was taken in January when I was wearing my wig & before I had my poodle hair.

hi mal

I too had this and recent mammogram and ultrasound confirmed just cystic/radiotherapy changes. Still have intermittent crustiness around nipple and a boob that feels like an alien sometimes, very lumpy and firm - just tips me over the edge when I feel that way out. I too on Tamoxifen and suffering hot flushes, especially at night though like you energy levels returning to pre diagnosis. Just trying to put it all behind and move forward but difficult some days. I was diagnosed last year too, 2 x WLE, chemo and finished rads in November. Returned to work a few weeks ago and feel much better since then.
Hope all goes well with your tests and you have good news.

Hi Mal

How are you? I had surgery last Friday and am now back in the world again - thinking of you!

Oh wow! I so understand where you’re coming from regards work opportunities. I’m having to reassess my life too and it’s incredibly hard. To turn down opportunities due to ‘sickness’ is a new concept … eek!

I so hope that having made your decisions that you’re okay.

Let us know how you are and when your tests are due.

Take care

Gill xx

Hi there ladies

Yes Gill - it’s a new concept - sick.I’ve worked for the same company for 29 years and never been sick. Now I’m feeling better (?) following my treatment, the new management have offered me some work, as and when, and I feel great about my early retirement.

So glad you’re on the ‘other side’ of surgery and really hoping you get a positive outcome. The chances are in your favour but that’s no help I know.You will still worry.

My tests are 25th. The worry is in a box taped up in the back of my mind and I won’t allow it to surface until a couple of days before.

Have had an exhausting week-end away with 2 grandchildren( 2 and 3 yrs old). Tiring but great for taking your mind off the matter in hand.

Fingers crossed for your results.

So thankful to Jules. Just hoping for the same.

Mal x

Mal, hope everything goes well for you and you get positive resultsxx