1 year on

Hi , i finished chemo and radiotherapy 1 year ago but am still finding it hard to move on . Really struggling with menapausal symptoms and always worried about secondries , having a very tearful day any advice ? charlotte x

Hi - sorry to hear you’ve had such a bad day. I’m 1 year on from diagnosis - finished rads in Jan this year. I recently found ‘Where did I go’ in the ‘after treatment has finished section’ and found lots & lots of lovely ladies all feeling the same as me and as you are now. Take a look at it.
Katieb - BIG hug x

thanks katie will take a look at it x

Hi Charlotte,
I had to reply to you as this so resonated with me. I finished rads in Nov 2010 so 18 months ago. The whole year after was really hard. Its just exhausting going around acting fine when you just want to curl up and cry.
As you can tell as I’m still lurking the forums I still havent completely moved on (I’m having recon soon) but the last six months have been SO much better. New year was a watershed as the whole cancer thing wasnt ‘last year’ but the year before. Give it time. Its a hugely traumatic thing that needs ages to get over. You will gradually find there are short periods when you are not thinking about it.
This time last year I was really struggling, I can safely say that now whole days go by when I dont think about it and I am back to being happy again. The menopausal symptoms have also really improved.
big hug, Naomi
P.S get anythig you are worried out checked out straight away and dont worry about feeling silly. I spent 6 months convinced I had it in my hips before I mentioned it and the BCN reassured me straight away.

Thanks Naomi, for replying , still trying to work out how to use this site ! i have been back and forth to my onc, and had bone scans ( arthritis in hips ) brain scan ( side effects tamoxifen ) and now irrationally am worried about my lungs ! i do feel a little silly going to the doctors but i constantly worry about it . I hope i can have days like you where i dont think about it . Today i hit my brick wall and just lost the plot , i dont talk about it with my family and im so glad there are people on here that i can talk to as i feel like im going a little crazy ! im having heart palpatations and skipped beats which i think are menapausal but keep thinking im gonna have a panic attack ! i really want to move on with my life and try and get back to normality for myself and my children . thanks again it really helped me reading your message much love charlotte xxx

Last October (one year from rads) I was given 24 hour heart monitoring because of the palpitations and missed beats. (I said to my GP I felt like I was drowning in adrenaline) It showed nothing and its now completely back to normal.
My Clinical Psychologist friend said it was classic post traumatic stress.
You will get there.