1 year!

For those of you newly diagnosed, I was diagnosed in July 08 and had my WLE on 28th July 2008. I had rads and Arimidex and am now fully recovered, back at work and have just had my 1 year check with my surgeon. I have 17 friends who were diagnosed at the same time who have passed this milestone as well!!

It is a shock to the system to get a diagnosis of BC but msny of us come out the other side - I have a friend who was diagnosed 15 years ago, and several others who have passed the 10 year mark!!

Thanks for that, kharga - all the encouraging news is great. I’m going on Arimidex soon - any comments?

Hi Kharga
I also wanted to say thanks, it gives me hope when i hear of other who “have come out the other side”. i am hoping to go back to work in the next couple weeks after 3 months of treatment. xx

Thank you so much.
It’s hearing from people like that that makes the bad times bearable.

Have a wonderful time with the rest of your life.