10 months post radiotherapy and still tender

Hi ladies. I’ve posted on the radiotherapy thread, but was wondering if you can help or advise. I finished radiotherapy 10 months ago, but still find that I’m sore and tender. It’s also lumpy on that side… Is this normal so long after radiotherapy? I had no real skin damage. I’m seeing my plastic surgeon this month to discuss reconstruction, would this concern him or delay my operation? I’ve had a body scan, so don’t think it’s the cancer come back. I’m on tamoxifen and have read that it can sometimes lead to sensitivity around the op site, is this correct?


    It is totally normal to still be tender and often the lumps/bumps are hardened areas from the rads, I am 2 years down the line and still have tenderness and hard areas, also as you say Tamoxifen can induce strange side effects so could be the cause as well but a lot of it will be rads damage, all the best with any further treatment



My mum still has really painful ribs sometimes 18 months after radiation now, they sent her for a bone scan to be safe and it was normal… My mum was on a trial for a more targeted version and they said it could be lasting affects from that or inflammation of the intercostal muscles… She also had a strange lump at the scar which was checked and its just scar tissue :) 
And you’re right hormone therapy causes all sorts of aches and pains, i still worry when my mum says somethings hurting, like at the minute she’s developed a cough and im paranoid its lung mets… Neverending worrying with this disease. Hope everything turns out okay :slight_smile: xx

Mrs B I am now six months after radiotherapy and my arm underarm and shoulder ache all the time.  I am on Herceptin and tended to blame that.  But I do think it is the radiation.  I have started swimming and Yoga to try and encourage flexibility.  Kind Regards