10 years on pain in neck, down arm numb fingers no swelling?

Hi all, hope you are doing well.

started 2 days ago with bad pains in arm neck underarm and chest site of lumpectomy and node clearance. 
had lymphoedema before but always had swelling.started with pain constant like toothache, needing strong painkillers.

is it something to do with lymph or something else.

ive also felt a pea sized lump in my arm?

saw doc yesterday and referral to breast unit and is sending for x Ray when it comes.

really don’t know what it is.

any help appreciated.

Dear Rosita,

how are you doing, thinking of you,

can’t believe I was reading comments this morning, unbelievable I have a GP appointment this morning for almost the same as you. I’m a little concerned, I can’t feel any lumps, lots of discomfort, will come back with the outcome later today, 

hugs Tili :rainbow: :rainbow: