10cm Fibrodenoma at 22, should it be removed?

I’ve recently found a 10cm Fibrodenoma in my breast. I went to the GP who sent me to the breast clinic, I had a ultrasound and a biopsy which came back as Fibrodenoma. The doctor at the breast clinic does not want to remove it as it will cause my breast to be deformed but I really want it removing as i’m 22 and don’t want the lump inside of me. It’s getting to the point where one breast is bigger than the other and I think the Fibro will just keep growing. 

The biopsy has bruised me quite badly so I have to go for another ultrasound in 6 weeks to make sure no lasting damage is done. Would you insist on the Fibro to be removed?

Hi Orange,

If you’re going back to be seen, then certainly discuss it again. 

It sounds like you need to get another opinion on this & you can certainly request one.  If you need to, you could go back to your GP to see if you can be referred for another opinion.

Good luck with it all

ann x

I’m sorry- I recently had surgery to remove a 11.5cm Fibroadnoma. It’s scary. Mine got to the point where it became uncomfortable, and as well became very sensitive to the mass. I highly suggest you get it removed. My skin has stretched a lot as mine was heavy as like yours is too…most likely. Mine would have kept growing.

Hi. How are you now ? I have a pretty similar case . I have a lump thay is 7 x 4.4 x 5 cm that was diagnosed as a fibroadenoma. Im scheduled for a surgery but Im really worried what would happen to my breast after the surgery since the lump is really big . But at the same time , Im also not in favor in leaving something like thia in my body but also quiey reluctant to do the surgery. Could you tell me your experience? Im also 22 years old and I will really be thankful for replies.