11.5cm Fibroadnoma Tumor

Hello everyone. I recently got diagnosed with Fribroadnoma Breast Disease. I underwent surgery last week to remove the largest non cancerous tumor of 11.5cm. In addition I am coverd from above the nipple in these masses - both scatterd and beaded. Now - as far as I know the breast surgeon removed what he could. At 24 my question is what drives these masses? Can they be controlled to a degree…in terms of the stalling of the growth? The doctors have a questioned and concerned case only because do they rarely see an individual of my age that has this…little alone has these tumors that grow in an excel rate. I’m in a way a little stuck because Im not sure where to turn to etc. I’d love to hear your feedback…advice…etc. I’m so glad I came across this forum - so much detail…support and answers.

Hi Emilia12,

I"m sorry that you haven’t yet had a response to your post. I’m hoping that my reply might give it a boost :smileyhappy:

While you wait, you might find our information pages helpful on benign breast conditions. 

You can also talk to one of our nurses on our Helpline, which is open tomorrow from 9am-4pm on 0800 800 6000. 

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