11 days pay chemo with neutropenia

H Everyone felt unwell yesterday high temp and swollen side of face.Had first FEC 11 days ago. Went to the Cancer Unit on arrival temp was 38.1 my bloods showed neutropenia 0.3. I have a sinus infection and have to stay in hospital for 3nights.for IV antibiotics and more immune boosting injections. It’s possible my next treatment will be delayed feeling weary of all this treatment now wish it was over .Hope everyone else is ok xx

You poor soul.  I wish you a speedy recovery.  Be kind to yourself.

Ade xx

Hi Zelda
You poor thing. That sounds awful. How are you doing now.
Thinking about you xx

Hi zelda, so sorry to hear you’ve been poorly. We are at the same stage, hope you on the mend now xxx