12 days to wait

Hi all, I joined the club yesterday after a scan revealed to cancers in my left breast. Have my biopsie results appointment on the 19th. I am terrified it has spread and am obssessing about every ache wondering if it’s another tumor. Could use some advice on how to get through the wait without turning into a zombie! good luck to all of u with a results d
ay today x

You are in a pits of a place at the moment but as so many say on the site, things start looking up when you get a treatment plan. I had multi focal myself… but have just had a clear 4 yr scan check up.Know that you are not alone and there are so many supportive ladies on this site who will give you time and a sounding board.
I couldn’t sleep or eat. My surgeon told me exercise would help, not that I could do it at the time.
My thoughts and love are with you.
Love and empathy,

I hate waiting… it’s the worst part of everything. Once you’ve got to your date for results and start your plan of attack things are easier to cope with.

Whenever I’m waiting for results I play mind numbing games like spider and wordsearches. Anything to stop my brain going into overdrive!

Good luck, don’t be alone. There will always be someone on here for you x x

Hi herbidacious,

So sorry you ve found yourself on this site,and you’re at one of the ŵorst stages, which is waiting for your treatment plan. Once you’ve had that you can feel as if things are slightly under control again. But the feeling that your body has let you down and that you’re helpless in the face of this, is a truly horrible experience.

Following diagnosis, I had my friend with me, we went to a posh make up counter, had a free facial and ended up spending a fortune on face cream! Not practical but did make me feel better.

I also came onto this site and looked up diets, where I could get help, and things like that, like The Haven, or the bristol cancer clinic, places that offer free complementary therapies, II haven’t actually done any of these things, apart from buying some Manuka honey and green tea. The jury’s out about whether any of these things help, but for me that wasn’t the point, what it did was make me feel as if I was taking some control and responsibility for myself. And that helped.

Other than that, I tried to focus on the fact that so many women get treated successfully, they get through it and they recover.

And this site Is a really wonderful source of information, support and comfort .

Very best wishes


I am new to this site and just found out about my wife being diagnosed. I went with her to her last doctor appointment and her usual technician wasn’t there but in some kind of Service Training so we had another technician. My wife didn’t feel as comfortable with someone she didn’t know, but luckily the doctor was very comforting and reassuring. We are going to face this together, it is effecting both of us. I am hoping this site can help me with the part that I don’t feel comfortable burdening my wife with, and hopefully can get some support in order to support her.

Hi Scientific,

You sound a great partner!!
I am so grateful that my partner has started this journey with me like your wife will be with you.

I had breast op on thursday i was so shocked myself that i could not let OH to see my breast, i couldnt tell him why until next day, she will feel dreadful let her come to terms with it first, as she will feel scared as to how unatractive she may seem to you, a lot of reassurance is needed at her low time share your tears with her and comfort each other no matter what she is still the same person you fell in love with.
Regards Pat