14 weeks post op after a mastectomy and wound not healed at the end - narcrotic tissue

Well its been a long road , and I guess I am lucky, that I didnt have to have chemo after. as I had early stage dcis , but because i had already had radiotherapy the first time I was diagnosed it was a mastectomy this time of my right breast ,with no reconstruction .
My wound has decided not to heal at the end and I now have a 2 cm hole that potentially could have 5 cm of narcrotic tissue ,its been going on too long ,and what the consultants thought was superficial (their words ) is not (I could of told them that,as I know my body) which incidently heals pretty good normally .
I have been having all sorts ,antibiotics more antibiotics , seaweed packing into the whole thats getting bigger and has an offensive smell to it , which smells like drains .
So after all of that , the surgeon is going to do an operation on the 8th August 2013 to debride the wound , and depending on how bad it is I dont know what its going to look like .
Has anyone had this ,where by they didnt have recontruction but got narcrosis in the wound .

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You poor thing. I can sympathise as I had a similar experience but mine did heal. I had a lumpectomy and radium treatment 16 yrs ago. The cancer returned in 2011 in the same place( right breast) so I had a masectomy. Because of the radium the skin would not heal. I had to go back to the breast unit many times as the wound was weeping. Eventually it healed. I know that’s not the same as you but I thought it might help. Good luck.

Hi Poodle,
Like Rhianphil mine didn’t get infected - but it did take almost 7 months to heal (delayed in part because of chemo). I had to go to the hospital so often for dressing. 3 times a week at first and once a week at the end. I know its not the same - but hang in there - it will heal eventually xxx

Hi, sorry you are having such a rough time, me too. I had Mx a month ago and was sent home too quick. Then drain didn’t work and eventuay the scar opened up all along, and I oculdn’t manage iot at home. I was readmitted to hopsital for a week, had a op debridment… but was then fitted witha n elcetric vacumn pump. Been on that for 9 days, much better, but today when teh district nurses came they said woundn was infecetd… so Gp came, more antibiotics and on Monday back to the hopstial to see teh tissue viabaility nurses in the breats clinic. I am really fed up and it looks like it will take mmontsh for me to heal. So keep pushing so that yours doesn’t get any worse,
My good news which I havent really got to emotioanlly is taht they got all teh DCIS and I won’t need any more teratment for teh cancer. But the wound is terrible and I am worreid.
I alos have a very pianfu arm stil, not swollen but very apinful. It can’t be muslce strain after teh MX as it is over a month since, but lymphoma? but no swelling… it is hot an dpainful of teh underside of teh arm.

Hello, my mother had this problem, I realise your post is from a while ago X

04/26/2018 I had surgery in August 2017. I have terrible healing around my incision and I have a ball of fat behind my left underarm with bumps all over it. I am very upset and uncomfortable. I am on Herceptin, Perjetta and faslomax and xgeva. I am about to go to a plastic surgeon. My cancer doctors does not know what to do.  I had my left breast removed. I look 10 years older and I am not in great shape at all. I am alive but not very well.