14 years on - blondie

April 2017 and diagnosed with secondaries to liver and bone in 2003 - still here and doing well! For those of you who are Her2 and on Herceptin - I have now been on Herceptin since December 2003.


This year saw a, surprise but very much welcomed, new grandchild. That makes four grandchildren that I have seen born and cherished since diagnosed with secondary breast cancer, something I never dreamt was a possibility in the early days of my secondary diagnosis. I have been able to see my own children grow into dependable, resourceful and caring adults and parents - for that I am eternally grateful.


i hope that news of my continued good health and fortune can give hope to fellow survivors and I wish you all the best luck in the world in your struggles with this disease.

All love




You’ve made my day.  Brilliant news.  Congratulations on the birth of your grandchild.  So happy for you and thanks for posting as it gives us so much hope.  xxxxd

How very kind of you to post …it’s great news and whoop whoop for the magic of herceptin.
I’m sure the herceptin ladies will be so delighted . Sadly, I’m Her2 negative so it’s not an option for me.
Hugs xxx

Thanks very much for sharing. I’m nearly a year on from secondaries. It gives us all hope when reading stories like yours. Congratulations on the birth of your grandchild to. Here’s to many more years xxx

Thank you blondie
I’m having a bad night and I needed to read your story.
Zena xxx

Only just noticed this post but wanted to say thank you Blondie for sharing it. Such good news stories really give me a boost. Congratulations on your new grandchild. Wishing you many more years of good health and fortune.


It’s great to read this I think it’s all too easy to be negative but I intend to look forward and your post gives me real hope thank you xx

Bless you for posting this. I had been nearly 5 years clear since 2012. Now starting treatment for secondary breast cancer in vertebrae and possibly liver. Such a blow especially since I lost a friend at the end of last year. I am quite well albeit the ache in my back so a deep breath and lipstick on as I face feeling rubbish soon. I am blessed with family and friends keeping me in their thoughts and prayers but as I get ready to go and have my first monthly Denosumab injection, in between packing for Cornwall, reading this is inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

Hello whyvon
Hello and welcome …sorry you have had to join the secondary club …if you pop over to the secondary threads you will find a lot of help and support if you need kindness or even just a rant !!

Hi Blondie,

i just wanted to add my own congratulations to your post. That’s brilliant news and gives us all a boost. I don’t know about other people but I’m longing for Grandchildren, it sounds like all the pleasure and joy and none of the responsibility - enjoy every minute!


Hi blondie,

so happy for you and your post is so inspiring and gives us such hope❤️

Hi Blondie, I’ve only just started coming on forum again as I have struggled so much from the start and have been really down. Its just over 15 months since this all started with secondaries from the start.  I know treatments are improving all the time and your story gives me such hope. Thanks for sharing. x :) 

Hi just joined the group and have breast n bone cancer and reading your story has given me some hope. All the family look positive and some had even forgot i had it as i am looking well so they say and doing alot more. Your story has given me some inspiration xxxty



Thanks Blondie for posting this- it will be such a boost for those young ladies who have just been diagnosed or have secondaries.  I am a grandmother of 5.  Congratulations on the latest addition and wish you continuing good health xxxx

So glad I found this thread, and thank you. I had a diagnosis ov secondary cancer on Thursday and have been a mess ever since. Inspirational. X

I am back here after 5 years! The big C is back, waiting on core biopsy results to confirm what i am dealing with but its so good to read positive stories of survival, thank you for posting x

Thank you so much for such an inspirational story

Just found this post and you can’t believe how positive this has made me feel thank you. Just been dx with liver mets and feeling rock bottom

Hello Blondie
Thank you so much for continuing to update us. I’m nearly 5 since since dx with grade 3 primary + secondaries to liver & lungs in Nov 1012 and currently well on Herceptin & Letrazole.
I clung to your story in my early years and your longevity gives me comfort and hope now.
Best wishes all. Sarah

I love reading stories like this gives me real hope. I have only just started on herceptin and cape but desperately want to believe I an have many years . Of course I will always wanrt more and am already grateful for the time I have had. Thank you for posting and heres to many more years