15 months post treatment - slight lymphoedema - want to get fit again - advice needed

hi all

I’m 15 months post treatment - lumpectomy with full node clearance, chemo and rads.   Developed lymphedema in my arm last December, but it is pretty much under control with the compression sleeve and MLD.

I have shifted half of the chemo weight and really want to shift the rest, but I have plateaued.


I’m eating super healthy and want to exercise more and am looking for a personal trainer - harder than you would think in my little corner of Kent!


I am struggling to find out the dos and donts of training/exercising with lymphedema  - any advice gratefully received :) 




Hi @lesley62 ,

It’s really great to hear about the progress you’ve been making since finishing your treatment. We’re sorry that you haven’t had a reply yet and hopefully someone will come along soon.

You may find our free booklet on lymphoedema helpful, it has a section on exercising with lymphoedema: breastcancercare.org.uk/information-support/publication/living-lymphoedema-after-breast-cancer-bcc5.

Please know you can chat about any questions or concerns you may have about this with our nurses on our free Helpline 0808 800 6000. It’s open 9am-4pm weekdays and 9am-1pm Saturdays. You can also ask them any questions on the Ask Our Nurses section of this Forum here.

Best wishes,

Laura at Breast Cancer Care