15 weeks later

Had a mastectomy 15 weeks ago and lobe biopsy. At 8 weeks had a swelling come up at edge of arm pit. BCN no help so went to BUPA. Had ultra sound and swelling is scar tissue from lobe biopsy site. And there was no other reason for pain or discomfort. But at the site of the swelling and the operation I still get daily pain or discomfort. Clearly I’m not imagining it. Has any one else had similar issues. Starting to get fed up now and had to stop taking amitriptyline due to weight gain with that and Tamoxifen.

Hi TG sorry no one has responded to you.  I can’t really help with the swelling & discomfort.  Why don’t you call or email the nurses on this site? They were really helpful to me (miles more than both my onc & BCN). Hope it settles down soon. Bxx