15 years ago but here we go again...

Hi all,

15 years after BC, I’ve got a new Primary in my remaining breast. Like before, it’s positive for both hormones and HER2 positive too, so that means chemotherapy and that’s first these days! I’m going to try the newer cold cap but also need recommendations for wig suppliers and hairdressers in the Glasgow area if anyone knows? 

@Alloway1   In August last year I had a reoccurrence in the same breast after eight years, so not the same as you but I get the feeling when you are told you have cancer again.  I am triple positive.  This time I am having Phesgo which is herceptin plus another drug all in the same injection which is an advance in the last eight years.  I wish you well with your treatment plan.

Bad luck I wish i could come up to bonnie Scotland to cheer you up but maybe you don’t like seagulls. I do swoop down and steal almond croissants or chips from time to time and splat tourists and people in white coats if they get too near my nest, so perhaps meeting me could be a mixed blessing. I got a recurrence of same cancer after 19 years but it was oestrogen positive, slow growing and rare as hen’s teeth. I think no cancer at all would be better