17 and have hard moveable Breast lump

I found the lump around 3 months ago and it’s hust above my areola, it moves if I put my fingers on the edge of it. I’m so scared to go to the doctors as my Nan got diagnosed with cancer last year. And I’m not due to start my period for another 2 weeks. Could anyone please help? As I’m freaking out!!

Hi Danielle,
It’s most likely nothing to worry about & most likely related to your cycle, but do get it checked with your gp.
Sorry to hear about your nan, but it would be extremely rare to be anything serious at you age.
ann x

Hi ladies,
Thank you so much! I’ve booked an appointment for tomorrow I’m still nervous but I’m trying to take my mind off of it

Hi Daniell, how did it go?


love and hugs



Hello Daniellejade17,

How is everything going ? Did you manage to go to the doctors ? I hope you’re doing well, I haven’t heard from you since.

Lots of love Claire xxxx